SwitchEasy Vulcan Case for iPad

SwitchEasy's Vulcan case for the iPad is made out of a Hydro Polymere material, very much like a TPU material except SwitchEasy's Hydro Polymer Vulcan case is scratch resistant. Cases with such glossy finishes always get scratched up in daily use and is just doesn't look good. I decided to test out SwitchEasy's claims on the Hydro Polymer material of course in the full review right after the break. 

The SwitchEasy Vulcan case for the iPad comes in two colors, UltraClear and UltraBlack. For this review we have the UltraBlack which turns out to be simply a smokey translucent color once installed on the iPad. The Vulcan's design is purely simple and primarily focused on the Apple logo. I really like the looks of the Vulcan's 'X' pattern surrounding the Apple logo. It gives the back of the iPad a little more interest and texture. The Vulcan has a very shiny and reflective finish which at first glance will make you think it is very slippery but it actually isn't. As per SwitchEasy's claims for the Hydro Polymer material, the Vulcan is actually a grippy case and it's a pleasure to hold. 

So how much of the Vulcan's Hydro Polymer material is scratch resistant? The Vulcan sadly isn't shielded against scratches, though it does show far less scratches than ordinary TPU cases. After a long day with the Vulcan on my iPad, I noticed hairline scratches but I really had to look closely to notice them.

I've gotten to use a few TPU cases for the iPad and so far I'm in love with the Vulcan. It really is one of the best fitting cases for the iPad at a reasonable price with many extras included. As much as this Hydro Polymer material resembles the TPU material in terms of flexibility and look, it works far better at reducing scratches surfacing on it's layer and provides a better grip. The Vulcan is not an easy case to slip onto the iPad and it takes some time to get it on as it doesn't like to stretch out around the iPad's corners. Once you have it on though, it's a perfect fitting slim case.

You can see the superb amount of lay-on-the-table edging on the Vulcan surrounding the iPad's aluminum bezel and protects your screen. The ports are all accessible and perfectly cut. If you have large 3.5mm audio plugs you use with your iPad then they will not fit using the Vulcan. 

The Vulcan provides a great deal of protection from scratches and dents being made to the iPad's soft aluminum but of course not the ideal shock and drop protector. Nonetheless the Vulcan is one of my favorite cases for the iPad and I would highly recommend it to those who seek a sleek and slim protection solution for their iPad with added grip without losing functionality. SwitchEasy includes two foldable stands, a clear screen protector as well as dock connector and headphone port covers with the Vulcan case. SwitchEasy always satisfies. Price $ 29.99.


Nir Schneider