Speck GeoMetric Case for iPod Touch 4G

The Speck GeoMetric case for the iPod Touch 4G has an awesome mind bending design with all sorts of textures. Made out of a TPU material, the GeoMetric is an extremely form fitting case that adds a whole lot of looks to that thin and vulnerable iPod Touch 4G of yours. Let's get right into the review after the cut!

The Speck GeoMetric comes in five eye catching colors for $29.95 without anything included other than the case itself. What most interests me about the GeoMetric is it's really unique design. It's sort of a mixture between glossy and matte triangles and very subtle raised points. The back side of the GeoMetric isn't completely flat because of these raised parts of the triangles. You're not going to get a lot of added grip using the GeoMetric since the material isn't that grippy and the texture of the GeoMetric doesn't seem to help all that much. Though you are going to be better off using your iPod Touch 4G with the GeoMetric case on rather than without a case at all. The GeoMetric definitely has a very cool and different look which sets it aside from all the rest. 

The GeoMetric for the iPod Touch 4G feels great in the hand and provides a decent amount of protection. I've had a hard time with pressing the buttons as they are all covered by the case. It takes more force to press each button while using the GeoMetric. It seems as though Speck went back a step by making the material very stiff and not so flexible. Other than that, the GeoMetric is fairly easy to install and has just the right amount of lay-on-the-table edges on top of the screen to keep the slim form factor of the iPod Touch 4G as much as possible. I did however find that the GeoMetric tends to lift up screen protectors at the corners by a small amount. 

Overall the GeoMetric looks much better than it performs as a case and if you're looking for a fairly slim case for your iPod Touch 4G in good looking colors, the GeoMetric is worth the look. I should note that the GeoMetric's TPU material is fairly stiff and won't be much help in protecting your vulnerable iPod Touch 4G from a fall. Price $29.95.


Nir Schneider