GelaSkins for iPad

One of the best ways to customize your iPad's looks is by applying one of the unique artwork decal skins by GelaSkins. As you can see above, this iPad looks pretty good. The best thing about GelaSkins is that their skins are made from a high quality 3M material that does not leave any of that sticky residue behind and it's also extremely easy to apply. You will notice the criss cross texture these skins have, and that allows for any trapped air bubbles to easily be pushed out from underneath. The GelaSkins are a fantastic way to change up the looks of your iPad while benefiting from scratch protection without any added bulk. You can also use GelaSkins' DIY custom skin process where you can upload your own image or picture. If you happen to mess up the installation, you can easily reapply the skin onto the surface many times until you get it just right.

You also get the front facing skin to apply to the front of your iPad's bezel. The only issue with this is that if you've got a screen protector applied to your screen, you will need to know that if you apply the front bezel piece of the GelaSkins, it will lift off the screen protector once you decide to remove it. Price $29.95.

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Nir Schneider