PadStand Stand for iPad

This piece of rubber slob will hold your iPad surprisingly well. The PadStand is a very simple yet effective iPad stand that will allow your iPad to be docked in both landscape and portrait positions. There are not height or angle adjustments, just one simple angle that works well for viewing just about anything on your iPad. The PadStand is a very solid slob of rubber that provides a stable docking solution. Not only does the PadStand work as a simple stand for your iPad, it's flat hump is angled so that you can lay your iPad on top of it for typing! Because the PadStand is made out of rubber, it provides a good grip on most surfaces as well as the iPad, with or without a case. The only downside to it is that it is not compatible with an iPad that has a case on. I've tried using an iPad with the SwitchEasy NUDE case, which is one of the most thinnest cases available, and it will still not fit properly. 

So if you're looking so a simple and affordable stand for your iPad that also provides a nice surface for typing, the PadStand is a great choice. The PadStand comes in five colors. Price $17.99. | 

Nir Schneider