Incase Sonic Headphones Review

In case you were in the dark, Incase has its very own line of headphones and they are very promising. You might know Incase as one of the biggest names in the case, sleeve and bag business and rightfully so. My very first protective case years ago was an Incase Slider for the first ever iPhone, I fell in love right there and then. Incase might be new to audio, but it has incorporated everything it knows about good design into its new headphones. And let me tell you that it shows through and through with the Sonic headphones. These are Incase's flagship over-ear headphones clocking in at $199, and they've got a lot to give.

We've reviewed many headphones before, nothing quite as elaborate as the Sonics though. But are these worthy of a place on your head? Find out after the jump!

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Incipio Step Case for iPhone 4 Review

There are far too many iPhone 4 cases to choose from and too little time. Fortunately for you, we've got the Incipio Step case in the hand and it's one solid iPhone 4 case. What better way to keep your iPhone 4 in flawless shape with the Step. Co-molded cases have been around the block and aren't anything to get excited about, but they are one of the best forms of durable drop protection. If you were a fan of Incipio's NGP and Speck's delicious CandyShell, you definitely want to hop that break for the full rundown!

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PowerSkin PowerSkin iPhone 4 Battery Case Review

We've seen and reviewed quite a few iPhone 4 battery cases, and while a battery case is the most comfortable and practical way of keeping your iPhone 4 from draining before you end your exciting day, some aren't exactly the best you can get for the asking price tag. Battery cases for the iPhone have been around for almost as long as regular cases without really evolving into what most of us look for in a battery integrated iPhone 4 case. Until now. PowerSkin's PowerSkin battery case for the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 isn't here to offer you just extra juice, it's here to protect. What's so different about this one you ask? Find out in the full review right after the jump!

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Minimal LunaTik Aluminum Watch Kit for iPod Nano 6G Review

There are many watch bands available for Apple's iPod nano 6G with more and more coming out each day. The minute Steve Jobs announced the iPod nano 6G and showed off its clock feature, companies took advantage to transform the iPod nano 6G into a Multi-Touch wrist watch. A design company called Minimal set out to do what no other company thought about and created a one-of-a-kind watch conversion kit for the iPod nano 6G crafted from the best materials. We've got the full review of Minimal's LunaTik right after the break.

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Ingear Flexi Grip Edge iPhone 4 Case

There hasn't been a bumper case for the iPhone 4 that I really liked until this case came along from Ingear called the Flexi Grip Edge. A bumper style case with a mean grip is what this case should be called. I've yet to experience such grip with other bumper cases for the iPhone 4. The instant I slipped on the Flexi Grip Edge I knew right there and then that it's a superb bumper case. Catch the full review right after the break.

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Padacs 'Snap' Rubber iPhone Stand

Quirky novelty accessories for iPods and iPhones are pretty uncommon these days, so when I got my hands on a Padacs Snap rubber iPhone stand, I was pleasantly surprised with it. The accessory itself is straight forward and dead simple to use. It’s a small rubber ball with a suction cup attached. How does it work as a stand? It’s simply suctioned onto the back of an iPhone, and the rubber ball will hold it up from the ground in either portrait or landscape mode.

The simplicity is really the key with this product. It’s just one simple piece of silicon. Nothing to break, snap, tear or crack. I tried throwing mine around a bit and pulling it around, but nothing short of using scissors will ruin the Snap’s shape. The suction cup couldn’t be simpler, and it can be put on and removed without leaving any marks.

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PadStand Stand for iPad

This piece of rubber slob will hold your iPad surprisingly well. The PadStand is a very simple yet effective iPad stand that will allow your iPad to be docked in both landscape and portrait positions. There are not height or angle adjustments, just one simple angle that works well for viewing just about anything on your iPad. The PadStand is a very solid slob of rubber that provides a stable docking solution. Not only does the PadStand work as a simple stand for your iPad, it's flat hump is angled so that you can lay your iPad on top of it for typing! Because the PadStand is made out of rubber, it provides a good grip on most surfaces as well as the iPad, with or without a case. The only downside to it is that it is not compatible with an iPad that has a case on. I've tried using an iPad with the SwitchEasy NUDE case, which is one of the most thinnest cases available, and it will still not fit properly. 

So if you're looking so a simple and affordable stand for your iPad that also provides a nice surface for typing, the PadStand is a great choice. The PadStand comes in five colors. Price $17.99. | 

Nir Schneider