Incipio Step Case for iPhone 4 Review

There are far too many iPhone 4 cases to choose from and too little time. Fortunately for you, we've got the Incipio Step case in the hand and it's one solid iPhone 4 case. What better way to keep your iPhone 4 in flawless shape with the Step. Co-molded cases have been around the block and aren't anything to get excited about, but they are one of the best forms of durable drop protection. If you were a fan of Incipio's NGP and Speck's delicious CandyShell, you definitely want to hop that break for the full rundown!

It's always nice to find that a case comes included with a protective screen film that is usable and does a good job. 

What can Incipio possibly do to make its cases different from the rest? Not much to tell you the truth. Like most, Incipio's focus is in creating new patterns and designs to entice consumers in picking a case, and there's nothing wrong with that. The Step isn't anything out of the ordinary, however, to save you some time it is an outstanding iPhone 4 case. Plain and simple, it works and it offers great drop protection other non-hybrid cases such as hard plastic cases can't provide, and with reason.

The Step's hybrid construction is smart and very functional to say the least. Co-molded TPU rubber adds a ton of grip while protruding thru in curved line shapes from within the hard and tough plycarbonate outer shell. Incipio's expertise shows thru with the Step, literally. Even while the Step was designed with dual-injected, shock absorbing TPU rubber and a hard layer of polycarbonate that keeps nasty sharp and pointy objects away from causing serious damage to your iPhone 4, the Step is semi-flexible and it's also the reason why inserting the iPhone 4 into it is plain and simply easy to do. 

The Step's unique pattern isn't only for show, but actually serves a purpose and that's to add surface traction when placing your iPhone 4 on a table thanks to the TPU rubber pattern that also helps keep the hard polycarbonate scratch-free and shiny as ever. Feels great to hold and interesting combination of textures around the back make it even more fun and interesting for your fingers to play with. At least that's what I do when I'm bored.

The injected TPU rubber extends to surround the iPhone 4 all around while creating a good front rim over the screen to keep it protected. Buttons are covered yet remain fully tactile and easy to press. Cutouts aren't on the large side so be aware that most 3rd party accessories and non-slim 3.5mm headphone plugs will not fit.

So far I've really been enjoying using the Incipio Step with my iPhone 4 and for that, I give it two thumps up. It perfectly blends two materials into one creating a great everyday case that's drop protective and looks stylishly unique. You can pick up the Step in 4 different colors for $34.99.