SwitchEasy Thins Sleeves for iPad 2 Review

SwitchEasy are back again, and this time with a some new accessories for both the iPad 2 and the entire MacBook line including the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. One of the latest accessories that we're going to take a look at are SwitchEasy's Thins. The Thins are slim sleeves made out of neoprene and come in a few different vibrant colors to match your style for $39.99. Before we can dub these to be another one of those run-of-the-mill sleeves, we're going to take a closer look at the Thins to see if they are worthy of your iPad 2 right after the jump!

SwitchEasy as always, includes a goodie package of accessories with every Thins sleeve that includes two foldable video stands, a clear screen protector and a cleaning cloth. Would I rather have SwitchEasy reduce the $40 price tag in not including these few extras, I would definitely skip on them in exchange for a more competitive price around the $25-30 range. Neoprene sleeves aren't anything special and typically are very affordable, the Thins are no excuse. Especially when SwitchEasy's Thins for both the 11" and 13" MacBook Air are priced at $39.99 as well.

Fortunately, the Thins are quite amazing neoprene sleeves. While it may look like such a slim sleeve that fits the slender iPad 2, the Thins sleeves are able to fit an iPad 2 with cases such as the CoverBuddy and NUDE. If you're really anal about protective your investment and have a Smart Cover, the Thins sleeves will even fit both of them together with a very snug and form fitting fit. Sleeves are generally only good in protecting gadgets while they are being carried around inside, so having the option of fitting an iPad 2 with its own protective case is just so much more better.

The Velcro closure is reinforced with an oval shaped semi-hard pull-tab that easily lets you open up the Thins without having to fuss around with opening each individual Velcro. The entire tab lifts up because of the reinforced construction of the flap panel.

It terms of fitting, a naked iPad 2 inside one of these Thins sleeves isn't going to slide around but at the same time, there's a wider excess of unused space which actually comes in handy as sort of a impact bumper in case you drop your iPad 2 while it's inside. You do get the slight feeling of it not being extremely form fitting as neoprene sleeves should be, however, the Thins sleeves do a great job remaining slim and tight around the iPad 2 without feeling flimsy.

The Thins feel very well constructed for neoprene sleeves, and that mostly has to do with the special heat-sealed edging all around the sleeve that most resembles a true neoprene wetsuit construction. There's no stitching done and that makes these sleeves only look more streamline and clean looking. I really love that about the Thins. The slimness isn't an issue when it comes to protection. The Thins surround the iPad 2 in 4mm thick padded neoprene with a surrounding edge that will cushion a nasty drop. To top it all off, inside the Thins is a soft microfiber lining for scratch protection.

There's no doubt that these sleeves look good and do a very good job complimenting the iPad 2. The neoprene feels amazing to hold, and together with the overall slim design, it's a joy to use and carry around. Although the Thins for the iPad 2 are pricy at $40, those who cough it up will really enjoy a good quality neoprene sleeve that's Smart Cover and both CoverBuddy and NUDE protective back cover compatible with a few added extras. At least if you're looking to get these in the MacBook Air variation, you'll be enjoying a fitting price.