Ingear Flexi Grip Edge iPhone 4 Case

There hasn't been a bumper case for the iPhone 4 that I really liked until this case came along from Ingear called the Flexi Grip Edge. A bumper style case with a mean grip is what this case should be called. I've yet to experience such grip with other bumper cases for the iPhone 4. The instant I slipped on the Flexi Grip Edge I knew right there and then that it's a superb bumper case. Catch the full review right after the break.

I love it when design and practicallity come together to form a good case. The Flexi Grip Edge case puts its grooved pattern design into action to provide you with fantastic grip for you hands. The right and left sides of the case have an opposite up and down facing grooves which act as "jimping" for your fingers to dig in and give you a great hold of your iPhone 4 without having to worry about it slipping away. Being a bumper case, the Flexi Grip Edge case is opened at the back but does have a good edging aroung the back anf front to that both the front and back glass of your iPhone 4 will never come in contact with the surface. Ingear also provides a front and back clear film protectors so you're protected against scratches. 

The Flexi Grip Edge is made out of a flexible material that feels like rigid TPU. It's very tight and form fitting around the iPhone 4 and does not flex outwards at all. Ingear really did a great job with this case. The volume and sleep/wake buttons are covered but remain responsive and the cutout for the silent switch is so big that it might even be compatible with the Verizon iPhone 4. The headphone port cutout is a little tight but will fit most slim 3.5mm jacks without any issues. You can even take flash pictures without any problems at all.

I do wish that the material of the Flexi Grip Edge was a little softer though it will do a good job protecting your iPhone 4 from bumps and scratches plus giving you some great grip. Of course not everyone will dig the Flexi Grip Edge's design and it's a matter of taste really. There are six colors to choose from and for $11.99, this bumper case is the one to get. Price $11.99.

Nir Schneider