Kioky Perfect Fit Screen Protector Kit for iPhone 4

Having a hard time installing and perfectly aligning those screen protectors? It can be very frustrating when trying to install a new screen protector on any device. Kioky should be the answer to your screen protector installation needs and Kioky promises you a "perfect fit every time" but does it really work that well? Find out after the break.

The Kioky is a screen applicator tool designed to help you perfectly align a screen protector, in this case on an iPhone 4. The Kioky comes with a plastic mold called the Kioky Perfect Fit with a few screen protectors that you can choose between clear, matte, privacy and mirror on the Kioky website. You are also going to get a card applicator to iron out air bubbles (you're going to need it). 

To start perfectly installing your screen protector, you simply need to remove the protective layer of the screen protector and then place your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G/S screen side down into the Kioky mold contraption pressing downwards. After you've pressed your iPhone into the Kioky mold, you then need to run your finger thru the four slot openings on the back of the Kioky mold to help the screen protector stick onto your screen. Push your iPhone out of the Kioky mold thru those slots and in theory you should now have a perfectly aligned screen protector. 

I'm pretty positive I went thru all the steps to perfectly align and install the screen proctor but every time the screen protector came out perfectly uneven with many air bubbles which most I got rid of but I don't think you need to spend so much time removing a great amount of air bubbles when you have a tool that supposedly should help you get a perfect fit every time. Also, the air bubbles are mostly caused by the two round sticky parts on the Kioky mold that help the screen protector stay in place because when you pop out your iPhone 4 they try to pull on the screen protector thus creating air pockets.

I've went on and tried a few more screen protectors to no avail. Every time my screen protector was misaligned and not to mention full of air bubbles. 

Maybe I was doing something wrong here, though I'm pretty sure I didn't. Here is a perfectly installed screen protector I managed to quickly install without the use of the Kioky Perfect Fit system. If you're having a hard time installing screen protectors yourself, I suggest you pass this one up and let someone else do it for you because the Kioky won't make you any better. At least you get very decent screen protectors. Price $24.99.

Update: Kioky reached out to me and said that I've actually received a prototype unit.

Nir Schneider