WaterField Designs iPad Wallet

There are a surprising number of people starting to use the iPad as a replacement for a MacBook, and that has also led to extended use of the Apple Wireless Keyboard in conjunction with the iPad. However, carrying a keyboard around was rather difficult, but WaterField Designs quickly released simple sleeve to protect the Keyboard while being transported. The iPad Wallet takes this idea one step further, becoming an easy to handle sleeve/case to carry your iPad, keyboard and other accessories while outdoors.

The case itself has a simplistic look, with the front being a one tone colour, in this ones case, green. A discrete logo sits in the lower corner, while on the back, there is the addition of a black elastic material to hold small, flat items in. It's fairly expandable, and can fit a few exercise books in it if you wish. The zipper runs along the top and right side of the case, outlined in brown. The other sides are finished off with distressed brown leather. Everything is kept classy, simple and elegant.

Inside the case, everything soft, padded and protected. There are two panels reinforcing the front and back where the iPad/keyboard sits between. A pocket on the back can house an naked iPad, but an iPad in almost any case will fit in the main area. Then there's the slimmer pocket on the front wall to house the keyboard, which fits pretty snug. Another little pocket that opens from the side provides an area for other small, flat accessories to be placed inside.

The case itself is outstanding. The protection is great, everything is organized and has a place to go, and the quality couldn't be better. The zip opens and closes flawlessly, and the overall build quality is top notch like you'd expect from a WaterField Designs product. As long as there's no substantial weight or pressure applied to the case, I would have no worries about my items being safe inside. The case is priced a little on the high side, costing $79 alone. Adding D rings will cost you another $5, with adding a Simple/Suspension strap mini will cost you $9/$19 respectively.

Although the case won't appeal to everyone, it's a very unique case that works greatly for people who use the Apple Keyboard in conjunction with their iPad outdoors. It's perfect for protecting the two together, while having space for other accessories or small items to be held. If it's something that would benefit you, the price is completely justifiable. You'll get great use out of it, and you can expect the quality to last you for years. It's available in Green, Flame and Pearl just to name a few, directly form the link below!