Proof Cliq iPhone 4 Case

The Cliq case for the iPhone 4 by Proof might look like another ordinary case with a simplistic design but interestingly enough, it puts it's Cliq name to good use. Why is this case better than others and should you pick one up? Find all this in the full review right after the break.

The Cliq case comes in six creamy colors, not your usual bright and solid colors except for the black, white and blue. The Cliq case has it's own unique style of getting the iPhone 4 into it and that's by sliding it in from the bottom. The only removable part in this case is the middle bottom part that slides out in order for you to easily slide your iPhone 4 inside and might even let you dock more easily.

The bottom part clicks and secures into place. I really like how Proof designed the Cliq case so that the front and back of the iPhone 4 do not come in contact with the case because of the rails that are inside which only hold the iPhone 4 by it's metal band. This allows you to use any screen protector without having to worry about it getting bubbled up. The Cliq case looks simple enough from the outside but on the inside it is built like no other case similar to it. The inside and outside are coated with a nice matte and soft-touch coating that feels smooth and silky. If matte and soft-touch finishes are your thing, you will love the Cliq case. 

The Cliq case has one of the best front edge I've ever seen that creates the most ideal lay-on-the-table design. Even while it adds somewhat of an added bulk to the case, it remains a useful addition. The Cliq case is very comfortable to hold because of how all the edges are nicely rounded and the soft-touch finish adds a good amount of grip to the case.

I did run into issues while using the camera with the LED flash with all the colors of the Cliq case. If using the camera flash is important to you, the Cliq case isn't for you. Proof are working to fix this issue and should have an updated version in the coming weeks. Other than that the Cliq case works perfectly and all the cutouts do not effect the accessibility whatsoever. You're going to get moderate protection while using the Cliq case from scratches and bumps. 

At $29 the Cliq case fits the bill nicely and comes with a front screen protector, though I would recommend waiting for the next updated version of the Cliq case. Price $29.

Nir Schneider