GelaSkins Custom Skin for Magic Trackpad Review

GelaSkins are the perfect and affordable way to customize your devices by skinning them with a 3M decal. GelaSkins are not your typical cheap skins as they feature a diamond-like pattern to help eliminate air bubbles from being trapped underneath the skin and can be removed and reapplied as many times as your heart desires. But is it a good idea to slap a skin on your magical Magic Trackpad? Find out after the break.

It's turns out that no. It's isn't such a good idea. I thought GelaSkins had it down since they introduced a skin for the Magic Trackpad and as we all now, it works by touch input from your fingers. The GelaSkins skin for the Magic Trackpad isn't any different from GelaSkins' other skins and has the same diamond-like pattern to help eliminate trapped air pockets but this pattern also adds a little friction when you swipe your fingers on the Magic Trackpad's surface. While the skin doesn't harm the touch input sensitivity, it does impact the performance of how smooth the glass of the Magic Trackpad is thus reducing the smoothness of your finger gliding on top of the surface of the skin.

It might be fun and new to add a splash of customization to your Magic Trackpad but GelaSkins isn't such a great idea sadly. You can print and make your own GelaSkins very easily online with GelaSkins' 'Create Your Own' process and it doesn't cost anything extra. The print quality isn't anything special and upon a closer look, the print isn't so sharp but does get the job done. I don't know what kind of coating/s GelaSkins have on their skins so only time will tell if rubbing your fingers everyday on the Magic Trackpad skin will do any damage. 

I cannot recommend using a GelaSkins on your Magic Trackpad unless you don't mind having a less of a smooth touch surface to work with. At $14.95, it won't hurt to try it out for yourself if you're really curious. Price $14.95.

Nir Schneider