A Produkt Kork Case for iPad

Cork is one of my favorite materials and when I discovered the Kork case for the iPad I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I love the dense and interesting look of the cork material and to see it molded into a case is pure joy for me. The Kork case for the iPad by A Produkt has got to be the most natural case I have ever set my hands on. Catch the full review right after the break.

You can see that the Kork case looks kind of like a mold and it doesn't snap onto the back of your iPad but rather smoothly like butter. The Kork logo and A Produkt website are stamped only on the inside of the Kork case and I really love that there are no logos or markings to be seen on the outside of the case which makes for an even more natural look. There are wide cutouts for all the ports and buttons of the iPad so that there is an easy access to all of them.

Because of the fact that the Kork case is entirely made out of cork which is also recycled and recyclable cork, it offers an insane amount of grip. The finish isn't rough like I though it would be but rather smooth with hints of the grainy cork material. Although the Kork case is very lightweight it does add bulk to the iPad but it manages to remain very comfortable to hold because of the rounded edges and contour back. I had an enjoyable experience using and holding my iPad inside the Kork case and all that great added grip just made everything better. 

There is a great lay-on-the-table designed edging so that your iPad's screen won't come in contact with the surface should you lay it face down. You can also see the angled speaker channel that directs the audio coming out of the iPad towards you and that makes for a clearer more pronounced sound quality that you can hear much better. The top mic has an front facing angled channel cutout as well. 

There is no way the iPad will pop out of the Kork case. I tried shaking it upside down and the iPad didn't even budge. So it's safe to say that the iPad is safely secured in the Kork case. As for drop protection, the Kork does offer great protection for the iPad and the cork material is known to be flexible but I'm not so sure about the drop protection here. I do think the Kork case will do a good job protecting the iPad from minor drops, bumps and scratches. If you're a fan of cork then I would highly recommend the Kork case even though it's a bit on the pricy side. Only time will tell how well the Kork case will handle but as of right now it's one of my favorite cases for the iPad. The Kork case is available for €49.95 which is roughly $68.