Razer Ferox Portable Speakers Review

Razer, one of the biggest names in the gaming scene. Their gaming mice are considered to be the best or shall I say, the creme de la creme. Razer's newest gaming oriented peripheral is the Ferox which are portable speakers for gaming and music listening. Razer calls these "tiny but mighty", and I can tell you one thing, these are very tiny but are they really mighty? Find out in the full review right after the break.

First off I have to say that I'm very impressed by the design of the Ferox speakers. I also wasn't expected them too be so tiny but I guess I should have realized this by their nickname beforehand. One Ferox speaker can fit in the palm of your hand, they're that tiny! It's no wonder these are made for portable use and at that they do a superb job. I can fit both of these in my pocket. Alright enough talking about the tiny size (that's what she said joke insert here), let's get on with the review. One of the biggest selling point I think of the Ferox speakers is their unique 360 degree omni-directional sound which works simply by that turret-like cap that pops out and distributes the audio all around in a 360 degree angle. So basically the sound isn't coming directly at you like normal speakers, it comes at you from all directions. Not only will you be able to enjoy music but others around you will too and just as loud in any direction. I'm really impressed by this feature and found it to work flawlessly. 

I can't really distinguish where the sound is coming from like I can with normal speakers that are directed straight towards me. You get a more of an enjoyable full sound using the Ferox no matter where you position each Ferox speaker. I'll get into the sound quality later in the review.

The build-quality of the Ferox feels sturdy for portable use and there are a mixture of materials used like glossy and grainy plastic but also the top where the Razer logo is, is made from metal and that gives these little speakers more appreciation. When you turn on the Ferox speakers, a blue LED light illuminates the bottom giving a very nice and subtle look. I think the blue LED orb lighting goes well with the whole Tron look even though the Ferox have their own unique design. 

I think the Razer Ferox speakers are fantastic for portable use with their tiny size and built-in rechargeable battery that gives up to 12 hours of use without having to plug in the USB cable into your computer. You can use these with any device that has a 3.5mm audio output. You can listen to music while charging and not having the Ferox plugged into a USB input does not effect the sound quality nor does it effect the volume.

Razer guarantees the Ferox speakers have strong bass, however that is not the case. I was disappointed in the bass performance and I think the Ferox lack a lot of bass. The lows are almost nonexistent. The good thing is that the Ferox do have a big and loud sound that can be cranked really high without distorting. The Ferox sound overall very clear and do a good job with music that doesn't require much bass. Gaming using the Ferox as portable speakers is also not too bad and much better than say the built-in speakers of a 15" and 17" MacBook Pro. While I don't think there is a chance the Ferox will replace your home speakers sound wise, they are one of the best portable speakers you can get. For such a small size and relatively low price tag, I think the Ferox speakers are a great bang for your buck. Price $59.99.


Nir Schneider