Comply Foam Tips for In-Ear Headphones Review

Those stock silicone tips that come with your earphones might not fit you so well creating a bad seal and because of that you are not getting the most out of your earphones sound wise. Silicone tips can block outside noise if you have a good seal but if you want to get the best noise isolation and block out the most noise possible, you need to go with the foam route. Comply will get you where you want to be with their Foam Tips. Catch the full review right after the break.

The Comply Foam Tips use memory foam to perfectly fit the inside of your ears. The foam always expends back to its original form and when you insert the Foam Tips into your ears, they decompress to the shape of your ear canal. This is how the Comply Foam Tips help block out outside noise and feel very comfortable at the same time. The Foam Tips have a great advantage over regular silicone tips that come with your earphones. The Foam Tips will custom fit your ears creating a tight seal every time. Comply has two versions of their Foam Tips, regular Foam Tips and Foam Tips with a Wax-Guard. The Was-Guard Foam Tips are exactly what their name implies, they have a wax filter screen so that non of your ear wax will get into your earphones. It's a very nice feature to have and it helps keep your earphones clean and unclogged. The black Foam Tips have a wax guard inside of them but that is the only difference compared to the regular Foam Tips.

When you get a set of Comply Foam tips, they come in a set of three pairs or a pack of five pairs. As far as sized go, there are small, medium and large Foam Tips and you can even get a set that has a mix of all three sizes. I found that the medium Foam Tips fit me well and it should fit most people as well.

Depending on the type and model of your earphones, Comply has various models of the Foam Tips that you can choose from using their easy chart. Some of these may even fit a few earphones that you may already own. While using foam tips is the best method of getting the most noise isolation and comfort, it isn't cheap. The Foam Tips are not going to last you forever and you need to replace them after about a month of everyday use. After about a month they lose their firmness and become discolored, that is when you know you need to replace your Foam Tips. 

Using the Comply Foam Tips I has the best time using my earphones and outside noise became a past concern. You don't need to listen to your music at high levels anymore because the Foam Tips create such a good seal that outside noise does not interfere. I found that using the Foam Tips also improved the sound quality and bass response by a lot. If your earphones lack bass, the Foam Tips will greatly improve the bass and overall sound of your earphones. 

The Comply Foam Tips are the best thing you can get for your earphones. A pack of three pairs will get you through a few good months. Noisy environments just got better with some foam tips. Price $14.95 - $19.95.