Etymotic MC3 Headset + Earphones

Our good friends over at Etymotic have sent over their new MC3 in-ear earphones which coincidentally double as a headset fully compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod with a 3-button remote. Etymotic are known to have the most amazing clear sound quality and comfortable array of ear tips. We got the low down, or shall I say, the high down on the MC3 from Etymotic in the full review right after the cut.

At this time you should already see these good looking MC3 packaging at your local Apple store. The good thing about buying these at the Apple store is Apple's policy about headphones. If you don't like them you can return them for your money back. I highly suggest going thru the Apple store if you decide to go purchase these earphones or others for that matter. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Etymotic includes various goodies with the MC3 earphones. Included are two sizes of triple-flange ear tips, two types of foam tips, a cleaning tool and extra wax-guard filters. All of these special tips are Etymotics specialty and that makes for a great comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. I was able to get a very good fit and tight seal using the triple-flange tips that were already installed on the MC3. Some may not like these triple-flange tips because they do need to really get inside your ear canal and that might be uncomfortable for first time users. So going with the foam tips is your best option and a very good one indeed.

The MC3 run for just under $100 and already come with "professional accessories" like foam tips and wax-guard filters. Having experience with Etymotic's other earphone offerings, I came to a conclusion that the Etymotic sound is more on the clear and high treble side. Having said that, with Etymotic's experience in audio, their products are on a high level in terms of sound quality. The MC3 earphones are no different and lack a lot of bass. The lows seemed to be turned off and this isn't very surprising if you're used to the Etymotic sound. This isn't anything bad but just the unique sound signature that people who prefer less bass. The highs are very vibrant and clear. The mids are detailed and clean enough. If you're looking for crystal clear performance, the MC3 are the ones to get. 

The build quality is superb. The MC3 feel very solid and are partly constructed with metal. The 3.5mm jack is a little angled. Because it's on the slim side, it will fit most iPhone and iPod Touch cases. I tested out the mic quality and was amazed by how clear my voice came thru. The 3-button remote works just like you would expected it to with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and I had no trouble using all the controls. The 3-button remote is so slim and lightweight that you hardly even notice it's on the cable. I would recommend these if you don't like bassy sound or if you're planning on using these as your primary headset. You can head on over to TestFreaks for more user reviews and compare prices. The MC3 are available in four colors for $99.