Twelve South Compass Stand for iPad 2

We are revisiting an old friend, the Compass stand by Twelve South first debuted last year for the original iPad and it quickly became my favorite and most used stand for the iPad. Now this beautiful piece of think and design is available for the iPad 2, and they're both a perfect match. Looking for an alternative stand to replace Apple's expensive Smart Cover stand functionality? You're going to want to check the Compass out right after the break. 

Twelve South didn't even need to redesign the Compass in order for it to work with the new iPad 2 even though it was first designed for the iPad, it works flawlessly. You can check out the Compass review I did for the iPad last year if you want all the small details. Since the Compass stand for the iPad 2 is not different and actually the same exact one Twelve South came out with last year. 

Typing and viewing angles are the Compass' forte and every single angle works as advertised. The Compass lets you enjoy your iPad 2 or iPad in a comfortable typing angle as well as two more viewing angles which include a portrait and landscape viewing angles. The Compass is a better alternative to Apple's Smart Cover because it offers a very important angle that the Smart Cover does not, and that is positioning your iPad 2 in the portrait position. The Smart Cover only lets you position your iPad in a typing mode and in a very steep landscape angle.

The iPad 2 looks even better on the Compass, as if they were made for each other. Viewing angles are so much better using the Compass and it can also fit your iPad 2 with a Smart Cover on. No need to worry about the back aluminum scratching, the Compass is fitted with rubber pads all over so there is never any contact between the iPad 2' aluminum construction with the Compass' sturdy metal construction.

Simply stunning.

All angles are very sturdy and I've had a lot of time using the Compass stand with the original iPad and the iPad 2 is no different. If you're looking for a good portable and small sized stand for your iPad, the Compass is a recommended choice.