iPhone 4 With A Clear Glass Back Guide

The lasted mod right now for the iPhone 4 has got to be the clear back mod. At first we showed you how to change the back glass cover of your iPhone 4 a while back and the most common mods were a white or metal back cover replacement, and now after opening that iPhone 4 of yours, you probably wished you could stare at those internal parts all the time but in a safer way. Now you can do just that using a clear glass back replacement. The process of getting this done is relatively easy it takes just a few minutes of your time. So head on over the break to get all the details.

Where can you get one of these clear glass back covers? eBay is full of them and they are just under $20. It's a hit or miss in terms of quality with these though. I got a bad copy with a little glue seeping thru the side between the plastic frame and the glass panel. Others have reported no such issues so you will just need to take your chances. The quality of this clear glass cover comes close to the original Apple iPhone 4 part but taking a closer look you will notice the difference.

I wouldn't recommend replacing your original glass back with this clear one if you're worried about camera quality. The lens on the clear glass cover is nowhere near the quality found on your original back so your photos will have a degraded quality, not to mention taking photos using the flash will wash out. Going thru this clear mod is purely for esthetic reasons. If you like this look then you're going to be happy with the outcome.

What you need in order to get yourself a clear back looking iPhone 4 are:

  • One clear glass back cover
  • A  Pentalobe or Phillips screwdriver (check to see if your two bottom screws have five or four points. Five is a the new Pentalobe screw and four is the older Phillips screw)

That's all really. You can head on over to our how-to guide on how to slide and remove your original glass back (video). In short, you will need to remove the two bottom screws on your iPhone 4, then slide the back cover by pushing it upwards until there is a small clearance made at the bottom. After you can no longer push upwards, lift the glass cover away from your iPhone 4 and repeat with the replacement glass cover. Be careful not to over slide the back cover upwards because there are plastic tabs which could break if you use force.

This will void your iPhone 4's warranty if Apple finds out you tampered around with your iPhone 4 so be careful not to break anything and you will be fine. It's a fairly easy and quick replacement. You can find these clear glass back covers for the iPhone 4 with a black, white, silver and many more accents by doing a simple eBay search or you can simply click this eBay link.