RadTech Sleevz Limited Edition Sleeve for MacBook Air 13"

RadTech's Sleevz are definitely rad. It's no wonder why we featured the Sleevz as one of the best forms of protecting your MacBook in the most non-bulky way guide. The RadTech Sleevz are made from RadTech's Optex fabric material and it's super thin. When I say super thin, I mean literally super thin. It's the most amazingly thin sleeve I've ever tried and I love everything about it. We've got RadTech's Limited Edition Ultra-Violet colored Sleevz so be sure to check out the full review right after the break.

Who would have thought a simple thin sleeve could be such an exceptional form of protection. RadTech hit a home run with their Sleevz and Optex material. The unibody MacBook Air is an amazing machine with an ultra-thin form factor that's ultra portable. What better way to keep all of that while adding some protection with this incredibly thin sleeve. The Limited Edition Ultra-Violet color is amazing if you want to try out something other than the usual black color. I decided to go with the Ultra-Violet this time and it looks even better in person. It's a mysterious color that anyone can easily rock, whether you're a guy or a girl. However, if you don't feel the color you can always choose from six different colors.

In terms of quality, the Sleevz couldn't have been made any better. It's seamless, literally. The Sleevz sleeve is cut precisely and snugly form fits the MacBook Air like a glove. It's a little challenging at first when inserting your MacBook Air into the Sleevz, but after you get the hang of it, it becomes an easy routine. I do wish that RadTech would add a pull-tab on the inside to help you out a little to pull the sides up when inserting the MacBook Air into the sleeve.

Once your MacBook Air is inside the Sleevz sleeve, the opening is slightly longer so that your MacBook Air stays slightly recessed inside without being exposed. I really like that. Even though there is an opening at all times without any sort of closure tab, your MacBook Air will stay inside the Sleevz snugly without ever sliding out without you wanting it to come out. I had no worries carrying it around with me and I never had to worry about my MacBook Air slipping out all of the sudden.

You can't ask for more after using this sleeve. It's so form fitting that my socks look like they should shrink more to better fit my feet. I need to hand it to RadTech for putting in thought into such a simple yet very functional sleeve by conforming it 100% to fit the design curve of the unibody MacBook Air. The Sleevz sleeve has a slanted design to fit the MacBook Air perfectly. If you try to insert your MacBook Air from the back side where its thickest point is, it will not fit into the sleeve. You can only insert your MacBook Air one way into the Sleevz, and that is thinnest point goes in first.

At $24.95, I think the Sleevz is the perfect slim sleeve if you're looking for some minimal protection and staying as close as possible to the incredible thinness of the unibody MacBook Air. I highly recommend this sleeve.