SGP Linear Crystal Series Case for iPhone 4 Review

The SGP Linear Crystal case is a part of SGP's Linear Series of cases that fit both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 and have a slider style design with a little twist. SGP continues their iPhone 4 case lineup with the latest Linear line that is available in a slew of colors and styles, 66 to be exact and they plan to soon release individual pieces for ultimate customization. Be sure to check out the full review right after the jump as we list the good and the bad of the Linear Crystal Series case. 

The Linear case is priced at $24.99 and comes with a front Ultra Crystal screen protector, 10 camera lens hood rings and a logo protection film. I've used SGP's lens hoods before and while they do help reduce glare when using the LED flash, they do leave residue behind. I wouldn't suggest using these unless you want sticky residue left behind and potentially getting onto the camera lens. The Linear case is a 3-piece slider style case consisting of a clear back panel or a colored back panel depending on the Linear Series you choose, the base bumper and the bottom piece that essentially keeps everything held together. Once you've got the Linear case installed on your iPhone 4, it's a seamless connection. All the parts come together leaving no gaps or moving parts. The iPhone 4 fits very snug inside.

Our friends over at Cretouch have sent over the Satin Silver edition of the Linear Crystal Series case for the iPhone 4 and it's looking good. The silver band is a reminiscent of the Juice Pack Air I reviewed in the past which is kind of the only silver band style case I set my hands on. I like the black and silver contrast with the black iPhone 4. It blends in with the iPhone 4's original color scheme very well. The nice thing about the Crystal Series is that the back clear plate allows you to show off some skins you may be using. I haven't had any issues using the camera with the LED flash.

The not so good parts about the SGP Linear Crystal Series case is the main attraction, the clear back plate. Not having any kind of back skin on your iPhone 4 will result in watermarking as you can see. Watermarking is a nasty thing when it comes down to clear cases. It happens because the clear plate comes in contact with the back of the iPhone 4 in a certain point which creates a watermark effect. You just don't want that to happen. Sadly, this is exactly the case here. Besides the case of watermarking, this isn't a very high quality clear plastic and it has a case of rainbowing effect as certain angles. I don't recommend going with the Crystal Series of cases if you don't plan on putting on a back skin on your iPhone 4 or at least chose a non-clear Linear case like the Color Series

Watermarking is less obvious if you're using a white iPhone 4. I know some people have complained their Linear case creaks when holding it and I experienced the same issue. I found out that in my case it was just a matter of reseating the case back on my iPhone 4 and the creaking went away. So if you experience any creaking, it's most likely that your case isn't seated properly on your iPhone 4.

One last drawback I have about this case is that there is pretty much no good front edge for a lay-on-the-table design to keep your screen somewhat protected. The Linear case does feels good in the hand and it's relatively a slim case, but there isn't any added grip. Your $24.99 are best spent elsewhere I think. While the Linear Crystal Series case does offer a good amount of protection and button cutouts that are very easy to reach, it fails to impress at what it was intended for. The clear plastic back is what most disappointed me here. I think SGP's other offerings would be a much better choice of the Linear Series of cases at this time.