SGP Linear Crystal Series Case for iPhone 4 Review

The SGP Linear Crystal case is a part of SGP's Linear Series of cases that fit both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 and have a slider style design with a little twist. SGP continues their iPhone 4 case lineup with the latest Linear line that is available in a slew of colors and styles, 66 to be exact and they plan to soon release individual pieces for ultimate customization. Be sure to check out the full review right after the jump as we list the good and the bad of the Linear Crystal Series case. 

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Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 4 Review

The Griffin Survivor is Griffin's new and most tough case ever. The Survivor is part of Griffin's new Armored series of tough cases including the Explorer and Tracker cases, all compatible with both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4. Until now most users who were seeking some serious protection for their iPhone 4 had to go with Otterbox but now with Griffin's new tough case offerings, it will all change. The Survivor isn't just a name, it was tested and passed both US and UK military standards. The Survivor case protects the iPhone 4 from shock, drop, sand, dust, vibration, wind and rain. The question is, do these meet your standards? We've got the full review right past the break. 

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JAYS a-JAYS Three In-Ear Earphones

Iv'e reviewed and listened to many high quality earphones and headphones in the past to be able to notice a good sounding pair. I did not think that something so small can produce such an amazing sound, until I got my hands on the a-JAYS Three by JAYS. The a-JAYS Three pack such an incredible sound, all in an ultra compact design. Right out of the box these sounded just amazing. I really got blown away to how close they come compared to a pair of full fledged over-ear headphones. JAYS really do an amazing job with every single product they make so far. The a-JAYS Three are absolutely stunningly crystal clear but also, they have incredible punchy bass. The 8.6mm TCD neodymium driver produces such high quality bass that makes you feel your music. The sound is in no way distorted or muddy on any kind of music genre. The a-JAYS Three have a very rich warm sound that most people like including myself. They are very well balanced throughout the sound spectrum. 

The design and built quality is just as good as how they sound. The a-JAYS Three have a very nice soft touch coating surrounding the hosing with a glossy plastic cap. The slim profile makes for a very comfortable listening for long periods of time. Once in your ear, the a-JAYS Three are very unnoticeable so if you like to lay down while listening to your music, it won't be a problem for you. I really love the flat tangle-free cord which is the best flat quality cord Iv'e came across. The only thing I can say that did not impress me was the audio jack's design, which looks like a cheap piece of rubber without any design really. It will fit most devices due to it's slim profile. The a-JAYS Three come with a pretty useless hard storage case that is very slim. I had a hard time placing and closing this case with the a-JAYS Three neatly tucked inside. 

Depending on which silicone tip you choose to fit your ears, I was able to get a decent amount of sound isolation from outside noises. The a-JAYS Three are so lightweight that I would forget I even have them in my ear, which made me focus much more on my music than having to worry about them falling out and discomfort. I would highly recommend the a-JAYS Three for any music genre. The price, sound and build quality makes these a perfect pair of in-ears. Price $60. 

Nir Schneider