Acase EZ-Carry Ultra Slim Polyurethane Folio for iPad 2 Review

Acase has been kind enough to send out a few of their new goodies to review. What we've got here is probably the answer for your Smart Cover mashed with first gen iPad Case yearning. We all know Apple's Smart Covers are colorful and magnetically magical, but they lack one important aspect which is back protection. Your iPad 2 is prone to scratches and dents on its beautiful aluminum back if you're using a Smart Cover. This is where Acase's EZ-Carry Ultra Slim folio case for the iPad 2 comes into play. Acase has hit the nail on the head with matching the colors of each Smart Cover almost precisely. I know I and many others have been wanting a bit more protection for their iPad 2 because Apple's Smart Cover really isn't all that good in that respect. So let's give these Smart Cover look-alike protective folio cases the full rundown in the full review right after the jump.

As you would expect, the Acase EZ-Carry Ultra Slim folios have the similar properties that as of the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2. Built-in magnets fill the inside of the front Smart Cover-like flap of the folio which works very well to put the iPad 2 to sleep as well as wake it up once you flip the cover open. Taking a look at the Smart Cover and the Acase folio side by side, there isn't a noticeable color difference except for the more pronounced grooves on the Smart Cover vs. the Acase folio. The Acase folio has less noticeable folding sections on the front flap when directly looking at it which doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad thing. In terms of looks, the Smart Cover may look more familiar of course. 

The material used in the Acase EZ-Carry Ultra Slim folio is the same exact polyurethane grippy material that is used in the Smart Cover the first gen iPad Case. The only slight difference I noticed between the Smart Cover and the Acase folio was that the Smart Cover has a smoother textured feel to it. Other than that though there isn't a whole lot different. Don't expect these to have the same quality as the real deal accessories from Apple, but I must say, the Acase EZ-Carry Ultra Slim folios are the best next thing. In terms of protection, you're going to get the basics here. The Acase folio is going to offer your iPad 2 some scratch and minor bump protection for the back, while your screen is very well protected by the hard front cover.

Similar lining that as of the Smart Cover is found on the interior of the Acase folio only where the iPad 2 resides to protect against scratches. Because the Acase folio front cover isn't actually touching the iPad 2's screen like a Smart Cover does, it isn't lined with any microfiber material. 

If you're familiar with the first gen iPad Case by Apple, this will come to you easily. Inserting the iPad 2 takes very little effort and fits into the Acase EZ-Carry Ultra Slim folio tightly and remains firmly in place with the help of the closure flap that is tucked behind the iPad 2 to keep everything secured in place. Once inside, the iPad 2 is fully functional with just a little bit of the bezel being covered by the folio. 

Overall the Acase EZ-Carry Ultra Slim folio has a slim profile and makes for a comfortable and easy holding. Just flip back the front cover for a "book-hold". Because the magnets in the front cover aren't very powerful, the iPad 2 won't go to sleep once you flip the front cover back. The only gripe I have about this folio would be the imperfect port cutouts. The two cutouts that cover up part of the port are the cutout for the bottom dock connector as well as the headphone jack port cutout.If you want to plug something in, you will find yourself having to move part of the material that gets in the way in order to connect. That would have to be the only part of this case I don't like.

Moving right along, the Acase EZ-Carry Ultra Slim folio doubles as a landscape stand as well as a typing stand just like the Smart Cover and offering the same exact typing and landscape angles. The iPad 2's buttons all remain easily accessible and uncovered.

It took me by surprise when I first started using these Acase folios of just how close they combines the functionality of both Apple's Smart Cover and the first gen iPad Case. The typing angle would be very familiar to you if you've been using the Smart Cover and I found it to be very comfortable and just at the right angle for typing.

The landscape position works just as well as the one on the Smart Cover. It's sturdy and stable allowing you to fully interact with your iPad 2's touch screen without having to worry about it tipping over. I should note though that the Smart Cover does have stronger magnets inside after comparing the two together. 

Overall the Acase EZ-Carry Ultra slim folio for the iPad 2 is a very solid alternatives for those who want all the great benefits of the Apple Smart Cover while adding extra protection to their iPad 2. With what the Acase folio has to offer and considering it against the pricy Smart Cover with its limited protectiveness, you can't go wrong with the Acase folio for the iPad 2. Acase has all 4 of the polyurethane colors of the Smart Cover including black. You can find the Acase EZ-Carry Ultra Slim folio on Amazon between $20 - $35.