Gadgetmac Guide to Top Tech Gifts for Dads and Grads!

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It's that time of year again! Time to celebrate our Dads and Grads! Here at Gadgetmac, we have some great gift ideas for that special techie in your life! Not opting for the average or typical, these unique gifts will be the pleasant surprise that your Grad/Dad never knew they needed! Start your brainstorm after the break!

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1. "Kiss the Cook" Dad - Let him do what he loves - Grill Wireless Cooking Thermometer for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Bluetooth!

This ingenious little contraption lets you accurately and conveniently keep track of the temperature of your grilling deliciousness. The device is compatible with most of your iDevices and boasts a touch interface with projection display that is large and quickly readable. The bluetooth range of the device hits your iDevice up to 200 feet away, letting your dad schmooze with his guests while he grills away. While on the grill, your dad can also set alarms to tell him when the meat is done, allowing him to attend to his guests. For the grillin' dad this is a nice new toy for him to use all summer!

Price $99;


2. Sports Authority Dad - Help him with his Golf Swing - SensoGlove - the Golfer's Grip Aid

This isn't your ordinary golfer's glove. This leather glove houses a built in computer that will read your dad's grip pressure on his club, giving him feedback on the most ideal grip he can have to perfect his swing. The glove gives him the chance to simulate his swing anywhere and let's him train himself on the exact grip pressure to use - allowing him to have a better rhythm, more natural turning and improvement in precision and feel. All he has to do is put it on, and the glove will read the pressures during his swing and allow him to tweak his game and bring him to the next level.



3. Travelling Dad - Get him a new bag - Booq Taipan Lift Messenger Bag

Booq has a shining reputation for putting out solid but sleek looking messenger bags that are designed to carry it all and look good while doing it. This checkpoint friendly bag opens 180 degrees to let your dad keep his laptop in his bag and his attention to taking off his shoes at security. The bag has a zippered laptop compartment, functional interior with plenty of pockets to carry everything he needs. There is also a zippered trolley handle pass through to let him hold his bag on top of his rolling luggage. Professional looking for those business meetings, and hefty enough to carry it all -  your dad will appreciate the thought!

Price: $89 for small; $99 for large;


4. Old School Kid at Heart Dad - Bring back the joystick - ThinkGeek Joystick-It

This ingenious toy adds a real joystick to his ipad to let him play his old school ipad games! This joystick works with thousands of games, and is re-positionable and without any harm or damage to the screen. Think-Geek's Joystick-It has solid milled aluminum construction with laser etched technology - basically this thing is solid and was carefully designed to let him get his game on!

PriceL $29;

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1. Your Sister/Daughter the Grad - Let their personality show - Etsy Handmade iPad Cases

There are a huge number of creatives on etsy who can make virtually any ipad case you can think of with any fabric or pattern that comes to mind. Their creative minds have contributed to thousands of possible products that you can purchase for your favorite grad. Each product is handmade, and full of charm - just order early and give it a lot of thought...the gift will be much appreciated!

Price: Variable;


2. High School Grad - Yes, your student can use it for school - Apple iPad 2

Duh you might say, but the Apple iPad 2 will go miles as a gift for your future college student, holding pdfs, documents and presentations for the new academic. An iPad can also limit the number of textbooks your new college student has in tow with them in their backpack daily with the help of pdf and kindle textbooks. With certain note taking apps, students can record lectures while typing up notes, allowing them to efficiently record notes during lectures. Yes, an iPad is loads of fun. But it can also be a real aid for students.

Price: Starting at $499;


3. Medical School Grad - Get them ready for those BP readings - Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

For all those future blood pressure readings that your health profession student will need to do... Withings Blood Pressure monitor pairs up with their favorite iDevice via the simple dock connector. The monitor keeps an accurate history of all readings and the history is easily downloadable to keep track of everything. Medical school students, techie or not, will simply love the ease and novelty of this gadget!

Price: Coming soon!;


4. Computer Geek Grad - For the techie whol will be typing up a storm - Das Mechanical Keyboard

For the student graduating from a computer/technology based proram, or for students entering one...a keyboard is going to be their most important link between their fingertips and the computer. Das produces the popular mechanical keyboard that is popular to touch typists and engineering students who type for a living. What makes this keyboard special?  Just type on it! The click clack of mechanical keyboards is satisfying and offers top speed and precision. Perfect for the computer geek in your life!

Price: Starting at $129;