Artwizz SeeJacket Silicone Cover for Magic Mouse Review

There are many accessories for our accessories that are designed to further improve on the original idea. I haven't come across many accessories for Apple's Magic Mouse except for the Mobee Magic Charger. Artwizz has just the right thing for your white Magic Mouse called the SeeJacket Silicone. It's a thin silicone cover or skin, whatever you would like to call it, that slips onto the Magic Mouse and keeps it protected against dirt and greasy fingerprints that every Magic Mouse suffers from. So will the SeeJacket Silicone be the smart add-on for your white and glossy Magic Mouse? Find out after the break!

What may look like a weird silicone breast implant is the SeeJacket Silicone out if its packaging. The semi-translucent nature of the SeeJacket Silicone adapts itself to the Magic Mouse's white color and doesn't take away much out of the original look. The bottom of the SeeJacket Silicone is opened to allow you to easily slip it over the Magic Mouse. Now what's really awesome about this is that not only does it protection the top plastic surface of your Magic Mouse, it also completely covers both the aluminum sides. It's a fairly thin layer of silicone so you won't feel like any bulk was added to your Magic Mouse. 

Once you've slipped on the SeeJacket Silicone, it looks like this. What was a white glossy Magic Mouse is now a matte, frosted white looking Magic Mouse. I really love the look, but most importantly I really love how the Magic Mouse feels after it was covered by the SeeJacket Silicone. Since it's just a thin layer of silicone, the Multi-Touch surface of the Magic Mouse remains completely usable as if it was never even covered up. I had my doubts about this before I started using the SeeJacket Silicone on my Magic Mouse thinking it would affect the touch sensitivity. I was relived to find out that my expectations were far from it. So performance wise, the SeeJacket Silicone is a winner. Left and right clicking also remains fully functional and unaffected by the SeeJacket Silicone cover. 

We all had our run in with silicone cases right? Well the SeeJacket Silicone cover feels exactly like any silicone case out there. It's smooth to the touch yet it adds an impressive amount of grip to the Magic Mouse. Something that's greatly appreciated. The glossy plastic surface of the Magic Mouse is now covered by a matte and grippy silicone layer. To further improve the grip and handling, the SeeJacket Silicone actually has little side gripping texture to further improve your hand and finger hold of the Magic Mouse. In this situation, this is an accessory that actually improves the Magic Mouse by just a little. Depending on your preference though, you may find that a glossy surface is easier to work with. The silicone that's used in the SeeJacket Silicone itself is dirt and stain resistant. It also looks like it does a good job of keeping lint and dust from attracted.

I think the Magic Mouse feels much better with the SeeJacket Silicone cover. It's a good way of keeping your Magic Mouse looking new and unscratched while improving on its handling characteristics. I do however, wish that the SeeJacket Silicone was available in a few colors instead of only a semi-translucent white color. I would think that in time, it will discolor after daily use. The SeeJacket Silicone for the Magic Mouse is priced at $9.99, and €9.99 if you're in Europe.