Vogel's RingO iPad 2 Mounting System Case Review

Well oh well, look at what we've got our hands on. Vogel's RingO for the iPad 2, a universal mounting system compatible with the iPad, iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We've reviewed a similar mounting system to the RingO from ModulR, which has been one of the more popular offerings for such an occasion. The Vogel's RingO mounting system is built fairly in the same way as the ModulR system but with a little difference in the your tablet connects to various adapters that come bundled up with the RingO case. If you love hanging your iPad 2 on your wall, in the car and having a weather alarm clock sitting on a bedside table only using one case, you may want to stick around for the full review after the cut! 

First of all, lets run thru the price of this package that we've got right here. What we've got for this review is Vogel's all-in-one RingO bundle that will set you back $119.99. It includes the RingO case for the iPad 2, a Wall Mount, a Table Stand, and a Car Mount. You might not have the need for all of these, so you can of course purchase all of these separately or in smaller, more affordable bundles that you would actually use. My first impressions when I unboxed the RingO out of its box along with the included adapters was that it felt impressively solid unlike the ModulR system which is primarily made up from thin bits of plastic that feel somewhat flimsy in comparison to the RingO, although they do get the job done.

Vogel's RingO mounting system feels like a much better designed case and accessories that feel well built and pleasant to look at. In order to match that iconic circular aluminum mount on the back of the Holder iPad 2 case, both the Wall Mount and Car Mount are partially made with the same aluminum materials that not only look really good, but also feel like something you would want to use with your tablet.

The RingO Holder case is a simple back snap-on cover for the iPad 2. It's got a black soft-touch, matte finish that's grippy yet will show any oily fingerprints very easily. The case itself is made out of a hard plastic and secures very easily onto the back of the iPad 2 unlike any other back snap-on case I reviewed. The metal ring in the middle of the case is the mounting opening, or in other words, the knight in shining armor. Because lets face it, it's where al the magic happens. Got a Smart Cover? Great! Because the RingO case is fully compatible with it too.

One thing that bothers me with the RingO case for the iPad 2 is its thickness. Because of that circular metal mount on the back of the case, Vogel's has made it thicker in order to accommodate their specially designed mounting system. In turn, you'll be doubling the bulk of your slim iPad 2, whereas with ModulR's slim back snap-on case you wouldn't even notice the difference. Something to take into consideration if you plan to be using the RingO case as a daily protective case. It's too bad that with all of this added bulk, your iPad 2 won't be fully protect by the RingO case because of its side, bottom and top openings which expose the iPad 2's aluminum.

On a side note, included with the RingO Holder case is a clear screen protector to compensate a little for the lack of front protection the Holder doesn't not offer like many other similar cases. Rather than calling it a case, it should really be called a mounting shell. It's a good case if you constantly plan on using it with the Vogel's modular accessories. The rounded contoured design of the case makes it very comfortable to hold. Also, cutouts make for all of the iPad 2's ports and buttons easily accessible while even allowing 3rd party cables and some accessories to fit in the Dock Connector port.

RingO Table Stand

The Table Stand has to be my least favorite RingO modular accessory just because of its odd angles it provides. Simply put, it's a slim plastic kickstand you attach to the back of the Holder case in order to position your iPad 2 in both landscape and portrait orientations. What I didn't like about it was the extremely steep and upright angles it sets the iPad 2 in. You cannot adjust the angles, only the orientation of the iPad.

What is it good for? Absolutely nothi.. No, no, no, all joking aside, it actually is good for displaying some family photos and artwork as if your iPad 2 was a digital picture frame set on a table in your home or office. That's the only useful option I could see using the Table Stand for. And it works very well at that. I would not use it to interact with my iPad 2 since it isn't stable for such use.

RingO Wall Mount

Here's where things start to get interesting. The RingO Wall Mount is one solid little rounded cylinder made from aluminum and plastic that will look great on any wall, whether you need to install it in your kitchen, living room, office or bedroom. Unlike other wall mounts that I've seen, this one is the ideal wall mount I would be proud to stick on my wall. The front black cover is removed to reveal the inside screw hole used to mount it on a wall using the supplied screw. It's clean, modern and extremely easy to connect your iPad 2 onto it. You can fully rotate your iPad 2 while it's mounted on the Wall Mount for portrait or landscape orientations. It's easier than hanging a picture on a wall. Pinching both sides will quickly release your secured iPad 2 from the Wall Mount. Vogel's also makes the Flex Mount, which is a different wall mount that is much more versatile and had angle adjustments for $59.99.

Vogel's Car Mount

We finally get to the last piece of the puzzle, and that's the Car Mount accessory. One of my favorite and most useful out of the bunch, as it turns out with these modular iPad systems. The Car Mount should be renamed to the Headrest Mount since that is its main purpose and only purpose. Built like a solid brick wall, the Wall Mount is the most substantial headrest mount for the iPad that I've seen. It feels like it can be a permanent solution for any car and it looks good too.

Vogel's Car Mount can be adjusted in a few different angles thanks to the tilting head mount. It works fantastically well and it's great if you've got little kids in the back who need to angle the iPad 2 downwards, and so forth. A bumpy car ride won't have any impact on this headrest mount, it's secured on tightly and a rubber lining insures your headrest's metal bars won't damage from the mount. This is the ultimate setup for those long family car trips you wish you weren't the driver. It's as sturdy as they come.

Like the Wall Mount, the Car Mount can also be adjusted and rotated in full 360 degrees to position your iPad 2 in the landscape or portrait orientations. The rotation is even smooth enough for accelerometer gaming.

Vogel's RingO iPad 2 modular mounting system is a bit of the pricy side, but for that it has to offer, there's no doubt that this is the most robust and versatile mounting system for the iPad 2. At $119.99, the All-In-One Pack will offer you a whole lot of flexibility with even more future-proof modular accessories in the pipeline, but at a high price compared to other offerings. Vogel's Car Pack including the Holder case, Car Mount and the Table Stand will set you back $99.99, which is overpriced as well. With that being said, I highly doubt that you'll be disappointed if this is what you're looking for.

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