Alcase Aluminum Case for iPad 2 Review

Are you like me and get tired of the same old cases for your iOS devices? Looking for something a little more edgy for you iPad 2? Well look no further, your friends here at Gadgetmac have an exclusive case review, for your viewing pleasure. It’s the Alcase machined aluminum iPad 2 case. It looks amazing, but does it serve its purpose and get the job done? Why don’t you hit the little blue “read more” button for the review!

I received this package in the mail last week from the UK and to my surprise it was very unique. Felt kind of honored to receive the very first case for review. I have seen and used sleeves, folios, and smart covers, but never an aluminum case for an iPad. However, we have reviewed 4th Design's aluminum bumper for the iPad 2 a while back. The packaging came in the box you see in the picture above. The case was simple to use and right to the point. It truly reminded me an oversized Zippo. I instantly went to grab the iPad 2 and tried the case out.  It’s easy to open, and the iPad slipped right in like butter. It was super smooth.

The Alcase opens with the stainless steel clip on the one side by pressing down on it and lifting up. Again, it was just unique. The finish on the case was outstanding. The case looks like a gunmetal color, plus the whole case is hardcoat anodized to reduce scratches and scuff marks. There were no sharp edges at all on the case and was polished beautifully. The case is made from two solid plates of aluminum. Alcase also CNC mill and laser the clip components from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. 

I believed I mentioned the iPad slips in like butter. I had to try it a few times fast before I even tested the product out to see how true to form it was. I was a little worried that it might be too tight and a pain to use or too loose that the iPad would bounce around in your hand or travel bag. The case is hand glued with neoprene lining and two rubber bumpers along the interior walls. This offered cushion and support for the iPad on my daily trips. 

You would think that the case would feel heavy like a Macbook Pro, but the case felt super light on my travels.  I got nothing but compliments on the case and had offers to purchase it from me right on the spot! I always liked using the iPad without a case, so this all aluminum sleeve case fit the bill. I can use it at home, work, the airport, whatever, and feel secure that my iPad won’t be damaged. My girlfriend made a great point and wanted me to include in this review that the clip pushing might be a little tough for a female who uses her nails. I agreed, valid point. 

Don't worry, the top of the case closes perfectly and won't damage your iPad.

So how does this case stack up against other top prices cases on the market? This case won’t come cheap with a price point of £165 / $255. I tossed the case in my travel bag, my car, and the kitchen table in my house, and nothing could scratch the aluminum. I used and abused this case and I really can’t find a downside to this case. Maybe the price, but that has nothing to do about the case itself. The anodising finish is great, the lining is great, the weight is great, and the simple function of the case was a treat to use. If you like using your iPad caseless, just looking for a sleeve for protection, and the price point won’t burn your pockets, pick this aluminum case up when it hits the market. I would of gave it 4 stars, but the price point is a little much for most.

Check out Alcase for availability.