CalypsoCrystal CalypsoLoop Leather Sleeve Case for iPhone 4S Review

Before you shout deja vu and mumble to yourself "this is madness", CalypsoCrystal has introduced another version of the CalypsoCase named CalypsoLoop. A slightly different leather sleeve in its exterior made for both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. After looking at the CalypsoCase, we've yet to come across a better sleeve that is equally as protective and has the smell of a rich sheik. One of our smug complaints on the CalypsoCase was that its pure silver CalypsoRing trim could rub off the wrong way if you happen to be a guy. Well it kind of looks like we've got a new version on our hands to fiddle around with that may or may not top off the CalypsoCase in sheer expensiveness. If you've got that expensive taste then you've wasted no time jumping past the break!

Much like a box filled with only the finest gourmet chocolates, the CalypsoLoop comes tucked underneath delicate wrapping inside a classy box. The same first class packaging we've seen with the CalypsoCase mind you.

To save you the time, the CalypsoLoop is all that we love in the CalypsoCase only in a differently designed outer shell. What exactly are you getting for $99 that you'll potentially be sinking into this sleeve case you ask? The CalypsoLoop ditches the blinging silver band trim for a full leather trim that is stitched with an accenting color all the way around. You can call it a stealthier version of the CalypsoCase and it is precisely that for the most part. It's less flashy and more manly. I feel much more comfortable using this version as opposed to the more extravagant counterpart. If you like leather you got it. The CalypsoLoop comes in four different leather colors, each with its unique leather CalypsoLoop trim.

Aside from having the same rigid construction as the CalypsoCase like an inner, 'U' shaped titanium band that stiffens both sides and bottom of the CalypsoLoop adding durable protection unlike any other sleeve we've reviewed before, the CalypsoLoop is distinctively different in two ways. 

What better way of keeping your precious iPhone protected while not in use than in a worthy leather sleeve such as this. Not just any run-of-the-mill leather sleeve, no. The CalypsoCase and CalypsoLoop are handcrafted in Europe using only the best materials.

The craftsmanship quality here is unparalleled and is exactly what you'd expect to get from spending a nice chunk of change. The leather trim is stitched and held down seamlessly with not a single fray or imperfection. It's flawless in every way imaginable. The stitching also provides a good gripping texture for your fingers when holding the CalypsoLoop or pulling it out from the pocket.

On the inside you'll find a soft, velvety red microfiber lining that has been designed to keep your iPhone safely tucked inside until it comes time to pull it out. 

With leather sleeves such as the CalypsoLoop and CalypsoCase you need to give the leather time to "break-in" after a few days of use in order for the initial fit to conform to the actual size of the iPhone. After that, you'll notice that every time you insert and pull out your iPhone, it's silky smooth going in and out every time yet it's also an assuring snug fit. 

If you pay close attention you'll see that the CalypsoLoop sports a rather different type of leather grain than the much smoother surfaced leather of the CalypsoCase. I must say that I much prefer this type of leather over all others any time. It's the same amazing Italian leather only that its got the pebble texture which just looks so good together with the leather trim. If you thought the polished silver trim and smooth textured leather was too feminine for your taste, the CalypsoLoop is the perfect combination of manliness and sophistication.

Anyone who uses their iPhone naked and are looking for the added benefit of a sleeve for stowaway protection, the CalypsoLoop is going to suit your needs above and beyond. With that being said, I think the price differential between the two sleeves should have been more considerable. What CalypsoCase has going for it is its embedded silver band that sets it apart from all the rest. Otherwise the CalypsoLoop isn't all that much more unique than other offerings from what we consider to be worthy alterative options such as Vaja and Sena.