Trunket Bridle Card Leather Wallet Review

Trunket has so far been known for its drop dead gorgeous, stainless steel elephant emblemmed American Rosewood skins for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 that we wholeheartedly recommend. Today we're going to take a look at Trunket's Bridle Card Wallet, and although not what you'd expect from a company that is known for making skins for the iPhone, we would never pass up on the opportunity to check out a Trunket product. The Connecticut company makes its wooden skins and leather wallets by hand using meaningful materials that are anything but industrial. How does Trunket's Bridle Card Wallet stack up to the Trunket reputation you ask? Jump past the break to find out!

Trunket delivers its handcrafted accessories to you inside eco-friendly cardboard packaging. I was first impressed by my first experience with a Trunket product and I can say that I was equally as impressed the second I opened up the cardboard flap this time around. Even though I knew what was inside, there's nothing like experiencing these wallets in person. Other than the wallet itself, nothing else hides inside the quaint cardboard packaging.

The Bridle Card Wallet is black in its entirety, but is available in five different thread colors that match up nicely with the American Rosewood skins. At $44 a piece, these aren't the cheapest leather card wallets you can get. However, there aren't any others quite like Trunket's Bridle Card Wallet. You want unique? You got it. I put my beloved Flipside 2X card wallet that has become my wallet of choice aside to go solo with the Bridle Card Wallet. And because I tend to use cards exclusively, this wallet fit very well for my daily needs. 

Trunket ditched the cute little elephant logo for a spelled-out Trunket logo embossed at the top left side. I don't mind it one bit, but I can't help think how sweet that elephant logo would look embossed instead. Maybe two different kinds of versions to choose from would be awesome. How about it, Trunket? 

Trunket says you can fit up to five cards into this wallet, but I can tell you that it really isn't possible. At most, I could comfortably fit three credit cards along with a thinner driver licence card without feeling too stuffed. Any more than that is pushing the limit and you'll have a very hard time pulling a card out. Not to mention that the leather out of the box is pretty stiff and has some good thickness to it which you will need to "break-in" after using it and stuffing a few cards inside in order for the leather to take a more custom shape to better fit the cards.

I found that I had to compromise the storage capacity of my much larger and bulkier Flipside card wallet in order to use the Bridle Card Wallet. Meaning I could only keep a single business card along with my three credit cards. Either I could take with me three credit cards along with a driver license or a single business card and three credit cards. Well you get the gist don't you. 

Because of how the Bridle Card Wallet was designed, the slight arc create pocket that enables you to fit some cash bills along with your cards.

When you've got the right amount of cards inside the slot, the thumb cutout helps you get a grip of the foremost card in order of pulling it out. With the being said, the notch does have a low-cut design and I wouldn't mind it being a bit deeper than it is now to get better traction especially for those who have large thumbs. Again, any more than three credit cards and you'll be struggling to pull a card out.

The quality of the leather is absolutely excellent. Unlike most leathers that I've come across, this one smells of raw, natural leather instead of smelling like leather that went thru a bath of strong leathery smell. It's smooth surface will shows off the scuffs and marks from keys rubbing against it and what ever else the leather comes in contact with over time. You aren't going to find any microfiber lining or fuzzy soft interior here except for raw leather. And that's totally acceptable since it won't damage or scratch your cards. Stitching is also very robust and is what gives this card wallet a truly unique style. I've gotten many compliments and curiosity towards the Bridle Card Wallet so far. 

Along the sides and edges of the leather is what looks like tar, but really is heat sealing process that creates a smooth finish you see in most leather sleeves made for the iPhone.

Trunket's Bridle Card Wallet isn't what I'd call the ultimate card wallet, but what it is, is a card wallet you'll be willing to sacrifice a few cards in order to use it instead of a more versatile card wallet you might have used. $44 isn't asking much for a handcrafted pure leather wallet such as this. A bit more storage power wouldn't hurt though. If you like carrying exactly what you need, this leather wallet would be perfect for you. It's slim, extremely compact and looks beautiful no matter what color thread you pick.