Ark Arkhippo 2 Bumper Case for iPhone 4S Review

Ark likes to make enormous cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that are evidently self standing as a result of their massive mass. We're not just talking about bulkiness, we're talking sheer humongousness. Today we've got what might be the biggest, baddest most bulky bumper case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S we've ever seen and reviewed. Ark's first iPhone 4 case the Arkhippo 1 had a distinctive old school look and absolutely no cutouts for any of the iPhone's buttons and ports. Ark spent a lot of time improving on its first case and came up with the Arkhippo 2 bumper case. Jump past the break as we explore this rare behemoth!  

Other than the obvious change in shape and form, a lot has changed from the Arkhippo 1 starting with the material. The Arkhippo 2 uses the same EVA material only that it feels like it has been much improved to be more rigid yet still as flexible and a whole lot grippier this time around. The Arkhippo 2 feels more refined compared to the slightly larger Arkhippo 1, and less of a foamy toy piece for kids with a distinctive rubber feel to the bumper which is supposedly the reason why it feels more grippier. Arkhippo 2 is compatible with all iPhone 4 models and the iPhone 4S. It'll run you $29 and comes in 10 different color choices and no extras. Installing it around the iPhone is quick and easy, however might lift up any screen protectors during installation since the fitting is tight and snug.

I must hand it to Ark for greatly improving the Arkhippo to what it is today. Surprisingly, there's so much more than meets the eye. First off, let's talk about comfort and usability. As I said, the Arkhippo 2 feels grippy and its got a grainy textured finish that feels great to hold. Both front and back of the iPhone are deeply recessed inside the bumper and are kept protected by the surrounding lip that the Arkhippo 2 creates. You'll find yourself having to use both hands in order to comfortably use your iPhone because with only one hand holding the iPhone with such a large surface area to keep hold of makes it difficult for your thumb to reach the entire touchscreen as you normally would with virtually any other case. 

Looking around the back we see that the Arkhippo 2 further recesses the back of the iPhone deep within itself and away from harms way. This also gives your fingers a good place to grip the bumper as you would grip a Formula 1 steering wheel. It makes for a comfortable landscape holding position for gaming.

One of many of Akrhippo 2's unique features is that it can accommodate your iPhone both ways letting you pick a side in which you'd like to use for whatever reason. I don't particularly see the meaning of having to use the back side of the Arkhippo 2 as much as the front side which lets you use your touchscreen more easily than having it even further tucked inside the bumper. Whatever the case may be, it's good to know that you've got flexibility should you want to use a different angle. What's more is that no matter the side you pick, all of your iPhone's buttons and ports will always remain accessible thanks to the dual-sided equal cutouts making all of this possible. How great is that? 

Speaking of dual-sided cutouts, the Arkhippo 2 unlike its predecessor now has cutouts for every single port and button on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Despite its massive bulk, accessing every port and pressing each button is surprisingly easier than most slim cases on the market. Now that's amazing.  You'll notice that each cutout was designed with a gradual inward shape to better fit your fingers in all the bulk and letting you reach your destination with amazing ease. The bottom dock connector is also fairly easy to access and will fit most 3rd party cables.

Aside from being a drop protective bumper case, the Arkhippo 2 has remained true to its origins and due to its massive self standing form, it offers you both landscape and portrait stand orientation which are both impressively more solid and stable than the Arkhippo 1. So there are many ways you can put the Arkhippo 2 to good use whether it's a simple yet very elegant night stand alarm clock protective stand - to a kid-proof and friendly case that will keep any kid intrigued with your iPhone without you having to worry about the dangers of potentially shattering your shiny iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to pieces. First and foremost, I'd call this the ultimate kid-friendly bumper case before anything else.

One use I found to be extremely useful using the Arkhippo 2 that I could not have done using the Arkhippo 1 was using it as GPS stand in my car. Just put it in landscape orientation on top of your dashboard and the Arkhippo 2 will grab hold of the surface with its grippy texture and won't slide around nor move one millimeter. It's pretty awesome what types of uses you can find for such a unique bulky bumper case. You might not be able to use this as an everyday bumper case, but having such a bumper to handle special tasks isn't half bad. 

You can call it names, point and laugh, but the Arkhippo 2 is a bumper too. I would dare to say that it's the most beautiful bulky bumper case I've ever came across. Even though it's a massive beast, I can't help but look at it, use it and say that it's one of the more useful bumper cases you can get. And of course there are specific uses you would have for the Akrhippo 2 to fulfill in order to call it that. It has proven that not only the slim bumper cases are nice to look at, but even hippo-sized bumper cases can be just as nice to look at and even more so.