BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset

I have to say that I've had the chance to test out a few good popular Bluetooth headsets from Jawbone and others, so when BlueAnt introduced their newest Bluetooth headset called the Q2 which we have here for review, I thought it would be just another ordinary and modest headset. And after using it for a while I quickly found out that it actually is one of the best Bluetooth headset I've ever tried. The Q2 by far has the best sound and build quality both while calling and even when listening to music! Yes, with the Q2 you are able to listen to your music should you want to, and let me tell you that music sounds pretty damn good for a Bluetooth headset. More after the break!

The BlueAnt Q2 packs a lot of technology to reduce background noises like wind and it also cancels out echoes, all of this gives superb clear sound quality on both ends of a call. I used an iPhone 4 while testing out the Q2, it was a seamless and easy process to pair both devices. I was very impressed by the voice help that guides you thru the pairing process the first time you power on the Q2 out of the box. BlueAnt includes written instructions but I can tell you that you won't even need to read them to start using your Q2, it's that good. The Q2 also features voice commands that will let you control the way you can answer and dial a call. These voice commands work perfectly every time. When you receive a call you can answer it by simply saying the word "Answer" or completely ignore a call by saying the word "Ignore".

If you're using the Q2 with an iPhone and need some help with some voice commands, you can ask your device "What can I say?" and your Q2 will speak out all the options you have to you. Another nice feature the Q2 has is TTS which will read out your contact's name when they are calling you. The Q2 will automatically transfer all your contacts after you have finished pairing your Q2 and will store it on itself. 

Many people want the option to listen to some music thru their Bluetooth Headsets, while many have degraded music playback quality, the Q2's A2DP support allows for music playback which actually sounds good and clear. It certainly won't replace your standard stereo headphones but it does a great job in producing great sound quality compared to most of the Bluetooth headsets out there that support A2DP audio streaming.

The Q2 very well designed with solid build quality that doesn't feel cheap. The Q2 has a removable ear hook which you can use if you are very active. BlueAnt did a fantastic job on the slim design of the Q2. Using it all day is very comfortable even without the ear hook. The ear tips are designed so that they securely stay in your ear when you are not using the ear hook. So far out of all the Bluetooth headsets I've used the Q2 is by far the most comfortable and secure. I think that a lot of people who have issues with these headsets will find the Q2 to be very comfortable. 

There is a dedicated power switch located on the back of the Q2 that I think is very helpful because you shouldn't mess to much with multi-function buttons, and a volume up/down button on the side as well as a multi-function button located on the front of the device. The volume buttons are also used to answer and end a call by pressing the - minus volume button for one second should you decide not to use a voice command. 

The Q2 has a proprietary charging port that you can charge your Q2 thru USB or plug it into the supplied wall adapter for a faster charge. I think that BlueAnt actually made the best Bluetooth headset currently on the market today. You cannot go wrong with the Q2 and I would highly recommend giving it a try. With the Q2 you get a carry pouch, USB cable, ear hook, small and large ear gels, small, medium and large stabilizing ear gels and a wall adapter. Price $129.95.