Aviiq Portable Laptop Stand

The Aviiq is a very portable and foldable laptop stand that is made from aluminum. I must say that this is the ultimate portable laptop stand I have ever used, it's so thin and lightweight it looks like it might not be as stable as a laptop stand should be, however that is not the case. The Aviiq is rock solid when it is set up and will hold a 15" laptop without any issues what so ever, up to a 17" laptop. The way that this stand works is it's basically a flat piece of aluminum sheet that has a flexible polycarbonate insides that let you easily fold it for portability. There are two rubber feet that lock thru the base once you fold it out to it's stand position. 

There are two rubber feet located at the top and bottom that give both your laptop and surface grip and traction while the top two feet elevate your laptop from the aluminum surface just a bit to allow good airflow so that the bottom of your laptop will not generate as much heat as it normally would. You won't see any major changes in your temperatures, just a few numbers cooler which isn't bad. The Aviiq also provides a great typing and viewing angle because it puts your laptop at an angle so that your screen is a bit higher than if you were to place it complete flat on a surface. Typing is much more easier this way as well.

The Aviiq is very simple and quick to set up and I really like that. It works flawlessly and exactly as described by Aviiq. I really love how thin it is and how very well it's designed with nice looking, well placed logos that do not interfere with it's sleek design. If you're on the go and travel a lot I definitely think you need to check this stand out. It's nice to have to ability to fold your stand up and stow it away in your carrying bag without having to compromise valuable space. 

With the Aviiq stand included is a carrying pouch to store your Aviiq stand and keep it flat. I highly recommend this as a portable stand. Price $79.95.


Nir Schneider