Monster Clean Touch

After reviewing Monster's iClean which is a very similar cleaning kit to the new Clean Touch, there are a few differences between the two. The new Clean Touch is primarily made to be used for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPod screens but you can also use the Clean Touch on other touchscreen devices. What's unique about Monster's Clean Touch is that it will apply a light anti-finger print coating that will eliminate most finger prints after your clean your screen. Don't think that you're going to have a fingerprint free screen after using the Clean Touch, it does actually work by reduce the amount of finger prints you will have on your screen after cleaning it and it certainly is much better than just a normal screen cleaning solution. The Clean Touch won't hurt your screen's coatings because it's alcohol and ammonia-free.

The Monster Clean Touch kit comes with a pretty slim 20ml spray bottle which is great for travel and easy to take with you everywhere you go, and a generously sized microfiber cloth that has antimicrobial protection with Aegis. What this means is that after you clean your screen you will have much less germs and other bacterias from forming on your screen, a very nice addition I would say. You should have enough Clean Touch solution to spray 300 times, a good enough amount for your portable devices. You can use the Clean Touch on your glass Mac screen/s if you would like to as well.

As you can see above, the iPad's screen is in need of some cleaning. After a few days of use it has gathered quite a bit of fingerprints and lint on the surface of the screen. I spayed the screen with the Touch Clean and left the solution to set for about 15 seconds so that the anti-fingerprint coating can set. Then I whipped everything off using the microfiber and found out that because I was using a screen protector, the microfiber cloth's micro fibers would stick to the screen after cleaning it. It is a bit annoying but the screen is cleaned! I did not encounter this issue with the Monster iClean even while using a screen protector, this might be because of the anti-fingerprint coating it has in the solution.

The screen is now cleaned but you might see tiny little fibers left on the screen from using the microfiber cloth. After removing my screen protector I did not have this issue and the screen has a very glossy finish that made your finger glide across it. Fingerprints are harder to show now that it was cleaned using the Clean Touch but after a while it would be back to normal. If I were to use a regular screen cleaning solution like iKlear, I would have gotten much more fingerprints on the screen. So while the Clean Touch's microfiber cloth may not work so well on screen protectors, I think it does a fantastic job in cleaning and reducing fingerprints on your screen. Because the Clean Touch is made for portable devices, it comes with a neat little storage pouch to store your Monster Clean Touch and microfiber cloth together and away from dust. Price $24.95.

Nir Schneider