CalypsoCase By Lara Bohinc Leather iPhone 5 Sleeve Case Review

So you have an expensive taste for luxury accessories do you now. Well then, you've certainly came to read the right review of a certain type of accessory that'll look pretty protecting your shiny new toy. The iPhone is one of the most elegant smartphones in the world, and it would only be fair to match it with something that's equally as extravagant. CalypsoCrystal is one of the few names in the case industry to handcraft luxury cases for the iPhone made using leather, titanium and silver materials.

It's not the first time we've taken a look at one of CalypsoCrystal's outstanding sleeve cases for the iPhone. The CalypsoCase scored our highly recommended rating for being one of our all-time favorite sleeve cases. This time, we're taking a look at CalypsoCrystal's designer collection featuring the limited edition CalypsoCase designed by European fashion designer Lara Bohinc. More fashion heading your way down below!

It all begins with the fancy packaging. Marvelous deep red colored packaging, the same familiar expensive looking jewelry slash chocolate box-type packaging each and every CalypsoCase arrives tucked inside. It definitely completes the circle of exquisiteness that you've paid a substantial amount for. 

On the inside, the limited edition CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc is really no different than the amazing CalypsoCase Loop edition we already reviewed last year with the exception of a chic new exterior design and interesting use of materials. The CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc collection includes two different style options that include this Rainbow CalypsoCase Loop edition featuring a stitched leather trim and a unique circle pattern design, as well as a black Sunrise CalypsoCase Ring edition featuring a pure sterling silver ring and a unique burst pattern design. Both versions of the CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc are available for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, and will run you a cool $169. 

The CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc features a reinforced titanium frame that provides stiffness and structural rigidity to the sleeve style case while also offering excellent protection for your iPhone compared to standard sleeves. The interior is lined with a special microfiber material that will prevent your iPhone from getting scratched as well as prevent it from accidentally sliding out without you wanting it to.

Until recently, CalypsoCrystal's CalypsoCase came in multiple styles and colors, all of which were stylized to suit the taste of both men and women alike. Not this time time though. The Lara Bohinc CalypsoCase is strictly designed for the fashion conscious woman. It has an opaque mirrored finish that's shiny and can reflect colors brightly. Having the downside of a blurry mirrored finish, you can't exactly use the surface to touch up your hair and makeup ladies. 

Shiny silver leather is your own little secrete.

The CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc is stylish, sophisticated and luxurious all at once. As a man, the design doesn't strike a cord but I can see how it would vastly appeal to any woman. I must say though, it does look very nice in person and suffice it to say that it'll attract a lot of attention. And the feel of it is highly unique. It feels super slick and smooth to the touch with little to no grip. The fit and finish is absolutely brilliant as we've expected coming from this Slovenian stylish case maker.

Believe it or not, but this metallic silverly shiny galore is actually genuine Italian leather. Although it's remarkably coated with a coating of silver shine that's unconventional to see being used on leather, there's still a whiff of natural leather smell despite our worry of it potentially smelling like metallic chemicals. The reflective surface gives it an appealing look that reflects color depending on the surrounding environment.

The back side is covered with an equal opposing Lara Bohinc design, albeit without a logo. We also noticed that when viewed at an angle, the unique circular design pattern reflects light exactly like machined metal reacts when it is hit with direct light. 

Another change in the exterior of this limited edition CalypsoCase is the exclusivity of it all. Gone is the CalypsoCrystal branding in favor of the Lara Bohinc logo. We aren't fans of the text logo and much prefer the subtle CalypsoCrystal logo to the Lara Bohinc wording, but that's real expensive fashion for you.

The quality and craftsmanship of this sleeve is yet again impressive. The leather stitched trim is done flawlessly with great precision and attention to detail. We can't fault the CalypsoCase in any way. And yes there are still no speaker or Lighting connector cutouts at the bottom, but that will honestly ruin the beautiful streamline design of this sleeve. And after all, doesn't fashion and style come before function? We can also report 

If you really want to get fancy and like the highly stylish shimmering design, we can't think of a better alternative for a solid and well made protective leather sleeve case than the limited edition CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc. Though the $169 price tag is a tough pill to swallow considering the all-leather design compared to CalypsoCrystal's original $119 sterling silver encrusted CalypsoCase Ring.