CalypsoCrystal CalypsoCase for iPhone 4S Review

The CalypsoCase made headlines back in June when it was announced and it has caught our attention too, but it was still in development until today. Based in Slovenia right off the border of Italy, the company behind the CalypsoCase is CalypsoCrystal. With expertise in boutique and high-end fashionable accessories, CalypsoCrystal's sleeve case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is out of this world. iPhone users now have a good reason to turn their attention over to the CalypsoCase.

This isn't just another sleeve to mess around with, this is a fashionable accessory you would expect to find at the best boutiques and fancy shops around. Made from only the best of the best, the CalypsoCase should be the crème de la crème of cases. Is it really all that? Find out after the break!

Every luxury item needs to provide you with an amazing unboxing experience right? CalypsoCrystal made sure to match the packaging with the high level of beauty as the case that it houses when you first unbox it.

Over the years we've been seeing iPhone cases evolving into more and more creative and innovative protective accessories. Most notably are the materials that have changed and evolved from the more traditional cheap plastic. Cases like the Leverage by Graft Concepts have set the bar higher and higher each time. The CalypsoCase is no different offering iPhone owners to indulge themselves in unique quality. Owning an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is already owning piece of luxury, and it would make sense why someone would only want to extend that to the accessory that keeps it all safe and sound.

CalypsoCrystal used only the best materials while designing the CalypsoCase. It's handcrafted in house and made out of the best picked Italian leather that not only smells great but feels and looks absolutely amazing. That outer silver band is what they call the Calypso Ring, and it's actually made out of real sterling silver that has been polished to a mirror-like perfection. This might turn you off a little if you're a guy because of how "womanly" it might look to you. I would personally like to see a matte, sandblasted finish instead as an option. Of course if this eggplant leather color doesn't do it for you, the CalypsoCase is available in black, orange and white.

On the inside, there's more than meets the eye. Hidden beneath all the leather and interior lining, a strong U-shaped titanium frame is what adds the rigidity and structure to the CalypsoCase making it a much more protective sleeve unlike any other in case of a drop. The titanium frame has two laser-cut holes that allow sound to pass thru while your iPhone is inside. Although that's true, I noticed a considerable decrease in sound level by nearly half. And that's understandable since there are no physical cutouts at the bottom of the sleeve itself. Sound doesn't pass thru the leather in its entirety as to be expected. With that being said, if you've got your sound level at full blast, you'll still be able to hear a phone call. While the titanium frame running along the antenna band might cause concerns as to signal reception, I haven't noticed any signal degradation while using the CalypsoCase. 

The interior is lined with a red specially designed microfiber material that feels soft and protective, but at the same it will ensure your iPhone will never slide out unless you pull it out yourself.

Inserting the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into the CalypsoCase results in a smooth, snug glide all the way in. Once fitted inside, the top opening slightly keeps the top of the iPhone recessed by the sleeve and allows full access to the headphone port and sleep/wake button. Dual sides notches enable you to grip and pull your iPhone out. The snug fit right out of the box made it hard to pull the iPhone out and took a few pulls. The glass and limited gripping surface didn't help either. After using the CalypsoCase for a few days, I noticed that removing the iPhone has much improved to the fact that it wasn't as difficult to remove after the leather gave in more. It wouldn't hurt to see a useful pull-tab nicely integrated for a quicker removal. 

If we take a look around the back side, the CalypsoCase has a similar clean leather look minus the embossed logo found on the front corner of the sleeve.

I've yet to come across such a beautiful yet simplistic leather sleeve as the CalypsoCase. Not to mention that the amount of detail put into it to ensure that it offers solid protection while your iPhone is inside of it. It isn't bulky nor heavy making it a wonderful protective sleeve for daily use. Those who love using their iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as Apple intended will really enjoy the CalypsoCase and the extensive amount of chic that comes with it. As with any high-end, fashion-oriented and quality designed leather accessory, the CalypsoCase will set you back $119. A small price to pay at this caliber. The CalypsoCase is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S II as well the BlackBerry Bold 9700.