Brainwavz Beta In-Ear Headphones Review

In-ear headphones, there are so many to choose from out there. From the more expensive $200+ offerings that will let out the best sound quality and hopefully last the longest, to the cheap under $50 in-ears that you can throw around, get wet, and can be easily replaced. Although the under $50 in-ears don't tend to sound the best or fit very comfortably, the Brainwavz Beta are one of the nicer pairs that can be had for well under the $50 price tag. The Brainwavz Beta are priced at $28.50 and come with every size tip you will need. Check out the full review after the break!

Brainwavz is known for their higher priced, higher quality in-ear headphones such as B2s ($169.50), M3s ($89.50), their cheaper Beta don't lack in the durability side of things, however they do in the performance department. They are only available right now in black but I wish there could be more colors available. Now onto the review.


I pulled these straight out of the box and started looking at the quality of the materials used. The cable was a nice simple rubber cable with the perfect amount of length and felt very well built. The casings of the drivers are just plastic but did feel like much higher quality plastic. There were no plastic fringes hanging off between the joints and pieces. With that being said, there was one part that I didn't like which felt cheap. That was the part where the cable met the driver housing. It felt very loose and felt as if it could easily break away after use. Fortunately, mine did not and is still happily connected hiding all wires.

These in-ears are probably the best pair for my particular ears. When you insert the Beta into your ears, they feel snug, secure and fit inside your ears perfectly. You can sit there and tug on the cable and they refuse to come out. Almost felt as if they were attached to my ears but actually were not. I had these in for numerous hours without any ear pain at all; they felt perfect for my ears. They also stayed in well with all the different kinds of tips (check feature section of the review). I really enjoyed having these inside my ears. They felt better than any other pair that I have had before.

The Beta are vary simplistic, and lower budget headphones so there aren't a lot of features to see here. They do however provide 3 different size silicone tips, and also have 1 medium size foam tip. I was surprised that these even included foam tips since most of the lower end and even higher end in-ear headphones usually only come with silicone tips which sort of became the industry standard.

Now onto the good stuff. I know that Brainwavz is known for its higher quality sounding audio gear with its more expensive in-ears, and I was expecting the much cheaper Beta in-ears to have a little bit of bang. But sadly I was disappointed. I put them on and started listening to them for a good 2 hours and just noticed that there wasn’t much difference in quality between Apple's cheap pair that comes with iPhones and iPods and the Beta buds. They sound very bland but I was expecting that since they were brand new and I thought over time they would loosen up and sound better. I used them for 2 hours for 1.5 weeks and still got the same result in sound quality, bland, and no bass at all. I was sadly disappointed on how these sound. Brainwavz are saying that these provide "clear detailed sound with a hint of warmth, and giving you a fun and unbiased audio experience". Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any of that.

Sadly, I disappointed in the sound quality of the Beta, but did like how they fit comfortably in my ear thanks to the included foam tips. The foam tips where a nice feature that not many manufactures include with their in-ear headphones. You can pick up the Beta off of Amazon for $28.50 right now. We think you should save your cash for a better pair though.