FlipsideKick Add-On for Flipside 2X Wallet Review

Flipside has changed the way we look at wallets, at least that has been the case for me personally. After having reviewed the Flipside 2X wallet, it has immediately become my favorite every day wallet that has perfectly suited my every need. Although Flipside's hard shell capsule of a wallet has its limitations like any other wallet, Flipside has only recently created the FlipsideKick made to hitch a ride on the back of your Flipside 2X wallet to provide you with some additional storage power. In many way it's an expansion pack, only it's for a wallet. Are you in need for some card boosting? Head past the break for the full review!

Before we continue, be sure to check out our review on the Flipside 2X wallet if you haven't already. It really is one of the most amazing wallets around. The perfect hard shell wallet if you're a card kind of person with some spare bills to store. What I like so much about the Flipside 2X is that it never expands and shifts its form factor. It always remains at a fixed and really makes you carry around what is really essential to your every day needs without getting the hoarder syndrome. As a techie, I find this to be the perfect wallet every made. Especially after using it for the past year.

I really came to appreciate these amazing vibrant, spring assisted hard shell wallets. And everyone else seems to enjoy the Flipside 2X every time it finds its way out of my pocket. The amount of interest can be insane sometimes let me tell you that. A fair warning though, once you go Flipside, you won't stop adding more colors to your collection.

But enough about that, we're here for the FlipsideKick more than anything else. Simply put, the FlipsideKick is an add-on for those who need more storage for cards once they hit the Flipside 2X's storage capacity limit. There's not much to say here other than it can store 3 regular cards ranging from credit/debit cards, I.D cards and RFID employee cards that need to be swapped over an RFID reader at your workplace. The FlipsideKick will allow you to use RFID cards without having to remove them while the Flipside 2X has a built-in RFID shield to protect your cards.

In order to use the FlipsideKick, you'll have to remove the standard detachable clip that came with your Flipside 2X wallet. Removal and installation is quick and easy. Lifting up one side of the clip will pop off the attachment clip, and all you need to do is attach the FlipsideKick instead by starting off with one side and working your way to the opposite side while pushing in the attachment onto the Flipside 2X's attachment docking bays. The process literally takes less than a minute. It helps to open up the Flipside 2X wallet when removing or installing attachment clips.

Although Flipside states that the FlipsideKick can hold up to 3 regular credit cards, I was only able to properly fit 2. Fortunately, inserting and removing each card is quick and effortless. A bottom notch helps you to push out a single card with ease, much like a business card dispenser. Speaking of business cards, you'll be able to fit up to 6 regular sized business cards into the FlipsideKick attachment. The second drawback I ran into however, is that those of us who use Moo business cards will not be able to use the FlipsideKick sadly. Having a slightly wider form, Moo cards will simply not fit. That's unfortunate since Moo manufactures outstanding quality custom cards which we've been using as our official Gadgetmac cards.

For someone like me who the Flipside 2X is sufficient in storing all the cards I need with me each day, the FlipsideKick really isn't necessary. It's a shame because for business cards, this is a must have add-on for the Flipside 2X wallet. No need to worry about your card info being exposed, the attachment covers up almost the entire face of the card. I should note that there is a little bulk that comes with the FlipsideKick. Nothing out of the ordinary however and still manageable. 

Whether you think you'll benefit from the FplisideKick's ability to actually only store an additional 2 cards, $9.95 isn't asking much. On a better note, if you plan on storing some more regular sized business cards, this is the add-on you'll want to strap onto your Flipside 2X. After all, the more the better.