Knomo London Slim Laptop Sleeve Review


Laptop bags are a dime a dozen these days. You can find black bag after black bag at every brick and mortar shop out there. These bags are usually canvas, thin, and let’s face it, they are boring! Selection is especially limited for ladies who want something special to carry their laptop computers in. Enter Knomo, the London based company that offers an elegant and fashionable cure for the boring black bag. Is this bag worth a glance to protect your machine? Find out after the break!

knomo open.jpg

As a busy professional, I have been on the lookout for a computer bag that I can tote with me to important meetings and interviews. Most ladies computer bags out there are of the shoulder bag variety, with two long strap handles and tough, stiff black leather. The Knomo Slim Laptop Sleeve with Strap offered a nice alternative to the basic shoulder bag, and allowed me to spare my sore shoulder for a nicely compact bag. The set up of this bag to me, is very nice.

knomo back.jpg

As suggested by the bag’s model name, this case is slim and compact, neat and put together. The outward design of the case is elegant, with a quilted look that mirrors high-end handbags on the market today. The case is made mostly out of a cloth material that offers a nice padded feel, protecting your laptop from bumps and bruises from the outside world. The case sports leather trimming for the opening and handle, as well as decorative front pane housing a zippered pocket.  On the back of the case there is a large pocket that can be used to hold papers, magazines, or other miscellaneous items. Within this pocket are D rings where the strap can be hooked on. With the strap on, I love the look of this case on my shoulder.

knomo zipper.jpg

The materials and thought that went into this case was obviously of high caliber. Stitching is tight and clean, the leather heavy duty and substantial, the cloth quilting soft and supple. The chromed zippers are strong and offer a beautiful shine contrasting the dark black of the case. Even the chromed buttons on leather front panel screams sophistication and quality. The opening of the case is unique, in that instead of a zipper sitting on the top of the case, the zipper unzips around the leather top. Personally I love this design as it allows for a heavy-duty handle to sit right on top of the bag. Nice design, Knomo.

knomo open top.jpg

Knomo sent me a 13” laptop case for review, and while it fit my 13” MacBook Air with room to spare, I have no doubt that 13” MacBook Pros will fit just fine. Knomo also makes a 15” version of this case for those with larger computers. The inside of the bag is of soft and smooth cloth – nothing that can scratch or damage your computer over time. Peeking inside the case, there is a nice patch that marks the serial number and brand of the bag just screaming aloud quality. Unfortunately in testing, I found that there is not much space to fit anything else besides a computer and I even felt that fitting a charger in this bag was quite questionable.  This case was designed to stay slim and sleek.

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Overall, I am very happy with this bag, It looks different than the basic canvas bags found on the shelves of your tech stores. Instead this bag can be found at Apple Stores around the country and on Knomo’s company site. While I love the slimness and quality of the bag, it is in fact a bit too thin for me, lacking space for my charger and my peripherals. This is of course, through no fault of the case - it is simply just designed to be thin! If you do not mind a bulge popping out of your bag, then this case may be for you. For what it is - a very slim, and elegant case - this would make a wonderful gift to yourself, or to your significant other to protect and carry their laptop!

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