Graft Concepts Leverage Bumper Case for iPhone 4S Review (White)

We're lucky enough to get our hands on one of our favorite unique cases out for the iPhone 4S in snowy white, and doesn't it just look incredible? We think so. After our review of Graft Concepts' Leverage hybrid case in black right before it was made available to everyone else, Graft Concepts managed to finish up both white and black editions of the Leverage and they're all ready and willing to encase your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and make everyone around you jealous. Jump past the break for the full breakdown and pics!

What has noticeably changed since we last reviewed the Leverage case in the black and chrome variation is the packaging. The final product comes in respectable retail packaging with clear, easy to read instructions on the back in case you run into trouble installing your Leverage. 

Graft Concepts was generous enough to let us showcase the white Leverage with a chrome finished zinc alloy metal closure latch against the black Leverage with a matte finished zinc alloy metal closure latch. No matter which one you'll choose, both of these cases are like no other. Obviously the chrome finish is more shiny and polished while the matte finish resembles the iPhone's metal band and all of Apple's aluminum gadgets. 

So what has changed since we last reviewed the Leverage? Other than sleeker packaging, nothing. It's still as good as ever and the white Leverage has the same exact rubberized soft-touch matte coating that's smooth, grippy and feels extremely great in the hand. It now all comes down to personal preference because all you need to do is pick out a color and finish depending on your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. What ever you go with, you'll be satisfied even when knowing you handed over $60. The Leverage isn't just a bumper, it's a bumper case hybrid. Winning now? That's right, you've got an included back plate that can seamlessly join the party giving you more back protection in case you feel like hiding that beautiful glass. The fit and finish is spot on with the Leverage. 

Thanks to Graft Concepts for offering you to pick up a spare back plate, you can customize your Leverage to have a luxurious two-tone color scheme, or as we liked to call it, the "Panda".

Behold, the reverse Panda. It's worth noting that the white back plate has a black outlined camera cutout that eliminates any flash washout in case you plan on using your LED flash to take photos.

If you want your iPhone to stand out, it would be smart to go with the black Leverage because it does a lot more justice to the main attraction which is the metal closure latch. Going for such a unique case such as the Leverage, one shouldn't hide its true beauty. Hopefully we've given you enough to make you a solid decision to case that brand new iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S of yours. 

Graft Concepts can't seem to keep enough of these in stock, so expect to wait for yours and you'll be glad you did. If you're looking for that different case that's slim, does enough justice to the iPhone's high end design and feels extraordinary to hold, the Leverage is the one to look out for. Finally, iPhone cases have shifted and moved on. It's a two thumbs up from us!

Update: We've received numerous reports from readers saying that their Leverage's metal latch has scuffed the top portion of the iPhone's metal band after opening and closing the latch. We haven't experienced this issue so far but we suggest to put a piece of tape in between the headphone port and sleep/wake button or to use a antenna band skin like The Lucky Labs just to be safe until Graft Concepts officially acknowledges this issue.