Desmay New Slight 5 iPhone 5 Case Review

Desmay made a name for itself when it released the Slight series of ultra-slim cases. Desmay's iPhone 5 cases are highly regarded under the minimalist-style case sector. The latest case to come from Desmay is the New Slight 5, an iPhone 5 case so slim it requires a delicate touch. Calling this 0.35mm thick case slim is wrong. It's insanely thin is what it actually is. Desmay is so thrilled about it that it is calling it the world's thinnest and lightest case, thin and light it is, but it isn't the only case around with such prowess based on our recent Gadgetmac Guide where we hunted down and listed 15 of our favorite top slim iPhone 5 cases. We're also going to take a look at Desmay's The Glossy, a thin and elegant case for the iPhone 5 with a glossy surface of course. If thin case protection is what you're looking for, our review will point you towards the right direction.

The New Slight 5 is an unimaginably thin iPhone 5 case

Desmay is heavily obsessed with creating the thinnest of protective cases, and that we can all appreciate. When the majority of purported slim cases add some noticeable bulk whether it is bulk that you notice visually or bulk that can be felt in the hand, Desmay's line of thin cases virtually offer the same level of protection without really detracting from the original form factor of the iPhone 5. The New Slight 5 is not a slim case, but rather an ultra-thin case of ridiculously slim proportions. At first glance, Desmay's New Slight 5 is so thin that it literally feels like an eggshell. At just 0.35mm thick, the New Slight 5 is virtually unnoticeable on the iPhone 5. It really is the perfect kind of case that could replace a protective skin without you even noticing a difference in bulk. It also fits perfectly with no wiggle room at all.

The finish in particular is one of the key features that make the New Slight 5 a really enjoyable case to use. The grainy, matte texture overlays the iPhone 5's industrial design while the color-tone and textures seamlessly flow with the design in perfect sync. While the fine grainy texture of the matte plastic isn't all that grippy, I don't sense any slipperiness either. It actually makes the iPhone 5 quite pleasing to use and hold being that it covers up the cold, solid aluminum construction. The New Slight 5 case comes in 4 translucent colors including a black color which is slightly translucent due to the thinness of the material. Even though a basic screen protector isn't included in the wonderful Apple-like packaging, the New Slight 5 is relatively an inexpensive case at $23.

Another thin case, albeit not as impressively thin as the New Slight 5, is Desmay's Slight Glossy which is more expensive at $30 - and offers less protection due to having both a top and bottom opening. Obviously as the name implies, it features a glossy translucent finish and claims to made of a tough scratch-resistant polycarbonate. And indeed it is less susceptible to scratches compared to the matte textured surface of the New Slight 5, but it'll eventually scratch too. In comparison, the two cases feel very different and while the Slight Glossy has its basic slim snap-on profile, the New Slight 5 is overall a nicer case to hold and use.

Desmay's New Slight 5 is made from a material called PP, which is plastic to me and you really. This PP material feels like a hybrid between TPU and polycarbonate melted into one smooth material. Mind you that this isn't a material that claims to have unique anti-scratch properties as it does scuff up with use. The small logo on the back of the case quickly rubbed off after a few days, but I don't think it should be considered a caveat unless you like branding. I actually quite like the even smoother look of the case at this stage and the way it blends in against the iPhone 5's two-tone back. It's really fit to be called a true minimalist case. 

A really big problem with these overly thin cases is that they offer little protection and leave a lot of exposed areas. That isn't the case with the New Slight 5. One of the improvements Desmay implemented in its latest ultra-thin iPhone case was the added benefit of a complete top, bottom and periphery coverage made possible by the New Slight 5.

A dock-friendly case

And because this is such a thin case, operating the buttons isn't an issue whatsoever. And that also means that docking the iPhone 5 while its still encased is definitely possible. We tested this with JBL's OnBeat Venue LT speaker dock with success. Unfortunately, Apple's bothersome Lightning adapters, the 30-pin to Lightning adapter in particular, aren't compatible with the New Slight 5 case.

The New Slight 5 is one of the very few thin cases to offer a full 360 degree protection against scratches and potential dents made to the soft aluminum and polished chamfered edge that can be caused by a drop. If you look closely you'll notice that the New Slight 5 nearly comes right up against the iPhone 5's glass display while covering up the chamfered periphery. The only downside to this is that if you were to drop your iPhone 5 flat on its screen, there's nothing this case can do to help avoid it potentially cracking.

On the upside though, because nothing overlays the screen, you have the freedom to swipe around right up near the edge without part of the case to get in your way as if you were using it naked. It's a pleasant experience, much like the feeling of not having to use a rubber if you catch my drift. Anyone looking to get such a thin case isn't going to care about exposing the front of the device because it's clearly a part of what makes this minimalist case so brilliant.

There are however some negatives that come with the New Slight 5. Constructed such a thin case is no small feat and requires a bit of compromise in order to preserve the structural integrity and rigidity of the case itself. In this case, this means the cutouts around the bottom are extra tight so that the material won't crack around the thin edges of each cutout. So you'll see bits of the microphone and speaker being slightly covered and that also includes the 3.5mm audio input which can cause some issues with non-slim 3.5mm plugs.

Another note worthy point we should mention is that even the Lightning port requires a bit of pushing on the connector bit so that it sits flush against the cutout in order to start charging. I've never came across a case that literally came in-between the connections and required you to pus-thru your plugs. But because the New Slight 5 is made so thin, it really is a small nuisance that in the long run isn't really going to make you want to take this case off.

If you aren't careful enough when removing the New Slight 5 off of your iPhone 5, you will end up fracturing the thin material by bending it causing a white mark that ruins that clean even look. It isn't a very durable case, but then again it wasn't meant to be. You could say it's as fragile as an eggshell. Installing this case is a bit challenging because of how tightly it fits. The thin material requires a delicate installation and removal, so take your time and don't force it. It'll be well worth it at the end. On the other hand, the Slight Glossy is much easier to remove and snap into place because of its opened design and more rigid polycarbonate material.

Desmay's New Slight 5 is one of our favorite ultra-thin iPhone 5 cases

Even with the few aforementioned caveats, we think Desmay's New Slight 5 is a terrific $23 case with an epic thin design that'll bring joy to those seeking a minimalist thin case with full coverage to protect their iPhone 5. Not only does the New Slight 5 protect some of the more vulnerable parts of the iPhone 5 excluding the screen that is, it's a pleasure to use and literally feels like you aren't using a case. The beautiful matte finish and translucent eggshell-thin casing compliment the original design of the iPhone 5, and that's a winning combination if you're looking to get very minimal and inconspicuous protection.