Desmay Slight Ultra-Thin Case for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Review


If you took the time to check out our recent Gadgetmac Guide featuring some of the best ultra-thin cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, then you would already know by now that Desmay is one of those brands that has one of the best, insanely thin cases around. This is the Slight case from Desmay – a case so thin and inconspicuous that you can barely tell it's even there. At just 0.35mm-thick, the Slight is one of the slimmest and most complementing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the world. Like the naked feel of holding onto your iPhone yet you can't risk putting a scratch on that sleek aluminum body? Want to know a little more about what it's like to actually use this unbelievably thin case on an iPhone 6 or the much larger iPhone 6 Plus? Well in that case (just having pun), be sure to check out our in-depth review down below! 


Ultra-thin protection does come at a cost it seems because you're expected to pay $22 for the iPhone 6 version of Desmay's Slight case, or $23 for the iPhone 6 Plus version. And if you're a sucker for good packaging, then you may find the Slight's jewel case packaging to be one of several redeeming qualities. Desmay's packaging hasn't changed since we last reviewed the Slight 5 case for the iPhone 5, and as much as I would have preferred a cheaper method of presentation for the sake of a less costly case, I'm once again impressed by the almost Apple-esque iPod packaging inspiration. The Slight case can be had in a slightly opaque black color, as well as in translucent colors including blue, pink, smoke/gray, and in clear. For reference, we're using a Space Gray iPhone 6 Plus with the clear Slight case, and a silver iPhone 6 with the pink, smoke/gray and black Slight cases. Tip: if you've got a gold iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you would want to pick a clear case. The silver and Space Gray iPhones really go well with any color.


This is what Desmay's so-called black colored Slight case looks on a silver iPhone 6. As you can tell, there's very little material transparency. This might be the best choice if you dislike the iPhone's antenna band design as it will cover it up much better than the rest of the colors that the Slight case is available in.


The Slight is strikingly similar to The Veil case by Caudabe, which is less expensive. The difference being that the Slight offers better protection coverage whereas The Veil case leaves the bottom portion of the iPhone somewhat exposed similar to Spigen's slightly thicker AirSkin case. Another noteworthy mention is the Shumuri, which seems to be the closest in design and in price to the Slight. We noticed that both also share the same packaging, which leads me to believe that both cases are made by the same OEM. Although both companies have since changed their respective packaging with Desmay having these boxy jewel casings, and Shumuri with a more modern cardboard Incase-like sleeved packaging

The only difference we picked up on is in how both cases are styled. While the Slight case does slightly overlap on top of the rounded edges of the iPhone's glass panel, the Shumuri does not and only extends up to fully cover the aluminum chassis of the device, which will undoubtedly appeal to a lot more users including myself if I'm honest. Also, only some of the cases we got from Desmay were identical to the Shumuri cases including the individually perforated cutouts for the iPhone's bottom speaker. It seems like Desmay (supposedly to differentiate itself from Shumuri) asked to change the design detail a bit with its updated Slight cases that now feature a round Desmay logo and simply a wide cutout opening for the bottom speaker, which is a bit of a shame.


Do you want to know what it feels like using a case like the Slight? Liberating. Because it's so thin it's like you're holding onto a bare naked iPhone without a case on it all. It's one of the most enjoyable experience that I have come across in using a protective case with the iPhone 6. And that's really because you get to hold your device without any added bulk whatsoever. There's also little to nothing that gets in your way when you slide your thumb or finger off the edge of the glass, so you get to appreciate the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus while still being protected with an ultra-thin layer of plastic.


Looking at the side of the case we can see that the volume and sleep/wake buttons sit flush with the cutouts in the case. They're highly tactile of course because of this. You literally feel like nothing stands in the way of you pressing these buttons. You can even toggle the mute/vibrate switch without having to use your finger nail. Just one of the many perks of using such a super slim case.


This isn't a case that will fit everyone's needs. It's only designed to give your iPhone protection against scratches and and minor bumps that would otherwise cause some knicks in the aluminum. Because there's no lip around the front side of the case, you pretty much have zero glass protection. This means you shouldn't put your iPhone face down on a table. And if your drop it and it lands screen side down on the ground, there's a very good chances that your display will crack and scratch from the impact. Bear in mind that with such ultra-thin cases such as the Slight 6 you only get very minimal protection. So if you are known to drop your things, do not get this case or other cases that offer a similar level of protection and thickness. Of course you can always use either a regular screen protector or one that is made out of tempered glass, which we always highly recommend any smartphone user would use instead of plastic. Virtually all screen protectors of all kinds are compatible with the Slight case.


Yes it's attractive in the most minimal way, but I also don't think this case should cost more than other cases such as the Spigen Thin Fit for example. It's a relatively well made case, but it shouldn't cost more than $15. That being said, I would still purchase one myself if it weren't for Desmay sending us a few cases to test and review. I hate using bulky cases, especially now that I'm using such a huge smartphone - the iPhone 6 Plus. The Slight is really one of the best options you can use to add some protection over your investment so long as you're already careful enough.


I'm really impressed by the quality of this case even though it's merely a very thin piece of semi-transparent plastic which is a bit flexible but stiff enough to fit firmly around the iPhone. The edges are all perfectly rounded and there are no sharp edges or flash anywhere except for a very minimal seam along the side of the case from the moulding process. The finish of the Slight 6 is terrific. Not rubberized I'm afraid, but still nicely textured with a very refined grainy texture that really goes well with the aluminum construction of the iPhone itself. The material is matte and almost feels like you're holding onto warm aluminum. That probably the second best feature about Desmay's Slight 6 case in that it feels and looks great with that matte grainy finish and opaque see-through design that allows you to see the native design of the iPhone 6 in all its glory. It's now winter time and it's getting really cold out here, and I'm glad that I don't have to pick up an ice cold iPhone in the morning. Just saying.

The textured matte finish doesn't show any fingerprints, attract dust or lint, and nor does it wear off with use. What does wear off, however, is the Desmay logo on the back of the case. Within the first week of using the Slight on my iPhone 6 Plus, the logo was completely worn leaving behind an even uglier looking tattoo-like appearance. I can't say that I'm happy about Desmay's overall quality control as this was never fixed since we last reviewed Desmay's Slight cases for previous iPhone models. Meanwhile other companies like Spigen, Shumuri and Caudabe are taking the extra step to ensure that customers get to experience a flawless case finish as they all unobtrusively emboss their branding into the material of the case itself.


Can the Slight for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus be any better? I think so. The only little thing that bothers me a bit if the fact that the sides do have this plastic seam from the manufacturing process. It would have been nice to see Desmay or whoever manufactured these cases put more time into the manufacturing process so that there wouldn't be as much of a seam along the side, or maybe a little more polishing after just to give the case a seamless smooth finish everywhere that your hands come into contact for most of the time. I'm nitpicking here I know, but you're not paying $2 expecting a "just good enough" finish.


If you look closely you will notice that the Slight doesn't actually stop where the beveled glass begins, but slightly extends over the edges just a bit with a minimal lip (not to be confused with a lay-on-the-table lip designed to protect the display from reaching a flat surface). It's worth noting that it's identical to how The Veilcaseby Caudabe fits around the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So while you are able to feel the rounded glass when you swipe across the edge, you never really get to experience the same naked feeling of using the iPhone 6 without this case installed. I'm not sure why the case doesn't just completely cover the aluminum parts of the iPhone instead of also overlapping on top of the glass a tiny bit. That said, it's not in any way a deal breaker.


We know that cases that mitigate the iPhone’s new rear-facing camera lens protrusion caveat is an important design aspect to a lot of people, and with such thin cases, many if not most lack protection against scratches. Despite thinking the Slight was too thin to protect the protruding rear camera lens, it actually meets the camera lens at nearly the same distance. It's definitely a flush fit, and it also takes care of the wobble when you lay your iPhone flat on its back. Now this still doesn’t mean that your lens is acceptably protected by the case. Nevertheless, it’s better than the lens sticking above the surface of the case.


Cutouts around the bottom connector openings are very tight, however, since the the case it ultra-thin it really doesn’t interfere with anything. We tested all sorts of 3.5mm headphone plugs and Lightning connectors and found no issues at all.


Supposedly the old Desmay Slight for the iPhone 6 with individual speaker holes on top of the updated Desmay Slight featuring wider port openings.


When installing the Slight over the iPhone 6 Plus you must take your time without forcing the any of the case's corners into place as any squeezing will pinch and cripple the thin material causing a permanent mark in the case similar to those white marks you sometimes get in your nails. Since this material is so thin, you can't treat the Slight like just another snap-on case. The first step in installing the Slight is simple, just  slide your iPhone into the bottom portion of the case and work your way up towards the earpiece. Be very careful with those last two edges as they are the hardest to get over the edges of the iPhone. Don't force the case on because it's a really tight fit and you're working with a very fragile piece of material, which is a bit ironic given that a case's job is to protect and not be protected or cared for. But this is an exception. Back on topic - as soon as you start to see the material flexing inwards, stop and readjust your pressure. If you lightly press the corners they should begin to slide around the eluded edges of the iPhone and you'll have a perfect fit.


There aren't any gaps or flexing to the case when it's installed. The fit is as tight as it can be and pretty much flawless all around.


To illustrate what can happen if you force the last corner over the edge of the iPhone.


You'll still be able to straighten the kink in the plastic and get it over the edges, but the damage will be done and you'll notice that the material now has this irregular color and un smooth finish were it buckled under pressure. So be very vigilant in your installation. Removal can also be somewhat of a difficult task. But the best method is to pull away the edge of the case starting with the bottom right corner (speaker side) using your fingernail.


A case that you could barely feel is on your device is the hands down the best thing you could ever ask for. Desmay's Slight case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is without a doubt an incredibly thin case, one of the thinnest you could possibly use and still call a case at 0.35mm in thickness. It looks terrific encasing the super sleek design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus using svelte translucent textured plastic that visually doesn't take away from the refined aluminum unibody build quality of the iPhone. Alas, I'm not so sure that Desmay's Slight is really worth the price of admission given that it's such a thin case made out of what can only be described as cheap plastic, albeit nicely textured and precisely made to fit the design of the new iPhones to the utmost tightest tolerances. It's definitely overpriced for what it is, but it's a really great option if you are looking for the thinnest case possible that still feels really nice to use with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. We really like using it and have no trouble recommending it. It doesn't add much grip, or protection for that matter, and it's not as trim as the Shumuri equivalent and not the easiest case to install; but with that being said we still really think it's a very good ultra-thin case worth considering.