Gomite Tiltpod Pocket Tripod for iPhone 4/S Review

There are quite a lot of accessories which have come out in recent months with one sole purpose, to help iPhone users make the most of their very capable pocket shooter. Unlike the Glif and Capta iPhone camera tripod mount adapters we last had the pleasure of reviewing, the Tiltpod by Gomite has a very different approach at helping you replace yourself from being a human tripod. The Tiltpod mobile is a pocket sized micro tripod-replacer designed for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and even small point-and-shoot cameras that fits right on your keychain. Our full review awaits you below!

The Tiltpod takes a step further at being a highly portable pocket-carry accessory that isn't going to cost you very much at $15. Gomite's thinking of the Tiltpod is arguably ingenious. The Tiltpod is a stupendously simple to use tripod replacing, keychain nesting - thing-a-ma-bobber.

The Tiltpod comes with a key ring that you can optionally connect in order to attach it to your set of keys. The magnetic base is made out of hard plastic that feels well made. The part that actually fits onto the edge of your iPhone is a solid plastic adapter with a nickel-plated metal ball joint that acts as the tilting head. Unfortunately, the adapter will only work with a case-less iPhone. Screen protectors need not be removed. It quickly attaches to the iPhone with a very snug fit and magnetically clings to the Tiltpod base which has a green rubber dot at the bottom that helps with traction and keeping a fixed position when tilting.

Underneath the Tiltpod is a green grippy rubber base that adds traction insuring stability on virtually any surface area. Having this in my pocket together with my set of keys, pocket fluff and who knows what else, that rubber area hasn't gotten dirty nor has it lost its grippy texture so that's a very important positive being a pocket-carry accessory. 

Who's going to be using it? If you're ever in need of being photographed together with your family and buddies but no one else is around to take the shot for you, the Tiltpod is always there in your pocket to serve as a steady base for your iPhone or point-and-shoot camera so you won't have to miss being a part of the photo ever again. Use an app that has a self-time mode, compose your shot by tilting your iPhone at the needed angle and you're all set. There's really noting to it other than a few obvious limitations. 

Some of the possible orientations using the Tiltpod include horizontal and vertical portrait angles. The most steady of them all is obviously using your iPhone in the landscape orientation. You're able to tilt and pivot around and each position is held steady by the magnetic ball joint rather well. What isn't possible however, is tilting too far back past 120 degrees and up to a 70 degree forward tilt. Using the Tiltpod when wanting to use the iPhone vertically is not stable at all other than serving as an upright stand.

To be quite honest, I've carried the Tiltpot around with me these past few weeks and while it never bothered my while it was part of my keychain of keys and other thing-a-ma-bobbers, I haven't found the need of using it even once. Under the right circumstances though, I'd definitely see it as a helping hand that's a part of a non-obtrusive daily carry.

The Tiltpod isn't going to be replacing your tripod any time soon. Bare in mind that you'll always need a relatively flat and sturdy surface on to which you can position the Tiltpod with your iPhone meaning you lose the luxury of basic tripod height adjustments and more versatile, vast shooting angles. Joby's $20 Gorillapod Micro 250 micro tripod is a good representation of an all-terrain micro tripod, albeit not as highly compact as the Tiltpod and also lacks true tripod features. For what it's worth, the Tiltpod is a niche little pocket friendly iPhone accessory that does very little, but can quickly aid in getting you in that next group or self portrait shot without having to carry a standard tripod around.