iBattz Mojo Power Vault Battery Review

Does your iPhone battery constantly run dry? Do you have problems finding a place to charge your phone on the go? Do you need a iPad charger but you forgot your wall outlet? Fear not, the iBattz Mojo Power Vault is here to save you. This is iBattz's first personal USB portable charger that supplies you with two USB ports, one supplying 2.1A and the other 1.0A simultaneously. If your in the market for a larger, portable USB charger then the Mojo Power Vault is for you. Check out the rest of the review after the break!

As soon as I received the Mojo Power Vault for review I fell in love with it. I currently own a 3GS and over use it way to much. By the end of the day I am usually with 15-25% battery left and I hate having to drain my battery all the way. The Mojo Power Vault was able to keep me afloat all day while on the go. It was nice to be able to use my iPhone without any worry of running out of battery life. When I first picked up I noticed it had a bit of weight too it but that mostly means quality.

On the front of the device it is very simplistic with a simple logo, simple graphic design, small power button, and a nice LED indicator. I wasn't to keen to the plastic top on it but it held up after a few falls. The button placement was in the perfect spot with an easy way to access and also see how far the battery is down with the LED indicator. The one drawback is the LED indicators brightness of the LED's. I had problems telling what LED's were turned on and which weren't. I think it would be easier just for iBattz to just create a separate housing for each LED, which would make seeing what the power level of the battery is easier.

The back of the device is just as simple as the front. The back is textured with some kind of rubber for no sliding. The graphic design from the front continues only for a tad bit on the back which is nice. Only thing I see with an issue is that the decal might ware off after a while. There is only a small little box containing the FCC notice and how many mAh there are.

The battery has two USB output ports for charging your device, cool thing is one is 2.1A and the other is 1.0A and both can be used simultaneously. You charge up the device by using the included micro-USB to USB cable and this is the only way to change it. It would of been nice to see a included wall adapter but USB charging works fine too.

The micro-USB to USB isn't just for charging the device either, you can also use the cable to charge your device, or any of the cables that came with your phone or gaming device. iBattz included 6 tips by default but I had an extra included iPod tip. I don't know what it is used for because it doesn't fit on my iPhone. The tips are easily removed and added to the included cable. The tips are high quality but I wasn't impressed with the micro-USB to USB cable, seemed like an average cheap USB cable.

Lets get down to the most important thing now, the battery inside the device. The battery is 6600 mAh Lithium Ion battery with up too 500 full charges. 6600 mAh seems like a lot, and defiantly showed it on the charges. I tested it with two different devices, my iPhone 3GS and my kindle 3rd generation. On my iPhone I tested it out from 50% to 100% and it did amazing job with that like suspected, with not a single LED charge being dropped on the device. After that I killed my iPhones battery and started charging to full. I was surprised on how fast it charged and how little juice it used. I was actually able to charge it from fully dead to fully charged 3.5 times. This was quite amazing. After the Mojo Power Vault died I started charging it.

After about 3 hours I checked back on it and saw that 3 out of the 4 leds where full and the 4th one was blinking. I had problems telling whether it was fully charged and didn't know if the 4th LED had to be solid before the device was fully charged. I then started charging my Kindle which was fully dead and was impossible almost to kill the Kindle battery. It charged up my Kindle pretty fast and was surprised. It hadn't dropped at all on the LED meter. I was very impressed with how large this battery was on the Mojo Power Vault.

I was very pleased at how this device performed when charging. I was able to get 3.5 full charges for my iPhone 3GS with the 6600 mAh battery. I really liked the quality of the device and the design over all. The only thing I think would also be good is a carrying pouch/case. You can pick up this device straight from Amazon for $70 and is definitely worth the price. I really enjoyed the quality and design and got tons of comments on what the device was at school. Pick one up for yourselves and see how good it is.