iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet Battery Pack Review

You can never get enough juice in your favorite devices that are on and ready to serve your needs 24/7. Keeping them happy with a full charge can be difficult, especially when you’re constantly on the go. iBattz has come up with one of the thinnest battery backup chargers we've seen yet. Packed in a sleek solution that will keep you at your job, traveling from place to place without having to worry about your battery life, the Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet looks to be the perfect travel companion for your iPhone or Android device. Check out the full review after the cut!

This wallet-sized battery comes in a thin and sleek design that will make you wonder how it can possibly keep your precious iPhone running throughout the day. Its simple plug-and-go concept adds onto its portability and simplicity that all of us look for in our favorite accessories.

Featuring a rechargeable 1500 mAh battery, iBattz promises up to 80% more battery life in under 90 minutes of charging. With so much battery power, you won't even know how to use it all in one day.

You can charge it through the included USB to Micro-USB cable. As long as your device charges through MicroUSB, such as your Android phone, the iBattz will be perfect. In addition, the Power Card Wallet can act as a portable charging module for any of your 1500 mAh batteries. For iPhone users, you will be able to use your own Apple USB to 30-pin connector cable or if you choose to, you can purchase the Mojo Treble USB Keychain. Not only are you able to charge your iOS or Android devices, the iBattz Power Card Wallet is compatible with any other device that charges through a USB cable.

While everything seems fine and dandy on paper, it does quite transfer directly to the actual product. Unfortunately, the overall quality is mediocre at best; the materials used and the assembly seems poor and cheap. The plastic cover for the battery is flimsy and does not stay in place when closed. The entire accessory feels fragile and prone to damage.

Looking at the features on the Power Card Wallet, it is hard to not be impressed by such a thin form factor. Something that I did find to be less than perfect was the included USB cable. It may seem convenient with its foldable and twistable construction, but it doesn’t charge your Power Card unless it is laid out straight and flat. Any movement and the tiny and dim orange charging light will turn off.

Nonetheless, the little removable battery performed surprisingly well. After some frustration with charging the actual battery, it did do an efficient job. My iPhone went from around 10% to a practically full charge. In addition, if you had multiple devices that required constant on-the-go charging, you can easily swap out the 1500 mAh battery for a fully charged one.

We also received the Mojo Treble USB Keychain adapter to take a look at. It's a nifty little accessory that acts as a charging and syncing cable for your iPhone amongst a few other little features. Just clip it to a lanyard or keychain and you’re ready to go. While the main attraction of the review was a little underwhelming, its sidekick is much more appealing. Hidden away inside a plastic shell are a USB connector, a 30-pin connector, a MicroUSB connector, and an iPhone SIM card removal tool. However, be forewarned, you may run the risk of breaking a nail or two as the USB connector doesn't come out easily. Even if you don’t plan to use it with the Power Card Wallet, there are many other devices that could take advantage of the Treble USB keychain. We'd recommend taking a look at the Scosche FlipSync keychain charge and sync cable if you're an iOS user.

The build quality of the Power Card Wallet could be improved upon. For something that I would throw into a bag without giving it much thought should be constructed solidly. I felt that I had to worry about breaking it whenever I dropped my bag more often than I should have. Also, at a total of $60 for both accessories, $40 for the Power Card and $20 for the keychain, the price could definitely be lower. I would not recommend this product as there are other better alternatives on the market, but for users with multiple platform devices looking for a single solution, this may be worth a shot.