Loop Watch Wrist band for iPod Nano Review

From the time that the 6th generation touchscreen iPod Nano was released, many people thought that the diminutive Apple iDevice would make for the perfect wrist-worn media player slash Multi-Touch digital watch, given the right accessory. Fortunately, several companies stepped up and met that demand, releasing products that allow you to finally have the “iPod watch” that you’ve been asking for. One such product that we are taking a look at today is the Loop by Loop Attachment. Wanna find out more about the Loop? Head past the break!

Upon opening, you quickly realize that the Loop is basically a simple silicone band, in one of 7 colors. Don’t let the word “simple” detract you, however…quite often simple can be good, such as the case here. Even though the Loop is just a few pieces of silicone and a metal buckle, it’s quite tastefully done. The silicone seems to be of a high grade, and thus has a quality feel about it. It’s soft and pliable, but still thick enough to not feel like it’s going to rip apart on you at the least little tug. 

Putting your iPod Nano into the Loop is pretty straightforward. There’s a slot in the Loop’s iPod bed that you run the Nano’s clip through. Once through this slot, the gripping tooth on the Nano’s clip sits in a groove in the backside of the Loop’s band, firmly locking the Nano in the Loop band.  

Once your Nano is in the Loop, everything has a remarkably solid feel. The aluminum Nano and the silicone Loop mesh together to form something that honestly feels like it was designed to be a watch the entire time. I really didn’t expect this from a silicone band, especially at its $20 price point. But then again, we've also reviewed a similar all-silicone rubber iPod Nano watch band called the TikTok which was equally as comfortable to wear yet it costs twice as much.

The fit of the Nano in the band itself is perfect…the edges of the Loop slope upward to meet the screen side, resulting in a smooth, step-free transition from band to iPod and back again. The sides of your Nano are exposed in the Loop, allowing for unrestricted access to your headphone jack, dock connector, sleep/wake button, and volume controls. This gives you the ability to charge your Nano without removing it from the Loop if you wish. 

One downside to having the dock connector/headphone jack side of your Nano exposed is that those connectors have zero protection from the elements and moisture entry. This is not a problem exclusive to the Loop however, as most Nano watch conversions have this potential issue. Still, it’s something to keep in mind when your delicate little iPod is on your wrist and you run into a rain shower, wash your hands, or are sweating at the gym. Picking up a few inexpensive press-in dock connector covers might not be a bad investment here. 

Even though it’s definitely not the most expensive iPod Nano watch conversion on the market, the Loop doesn’t come up short against any of them. In fact, at only $20, it’s hands down the best value out there if you’re wanting to use your Nano as a watch. It’s lightweight, not unnecessarily bulky, and comes in a variety of colors (black, graphite, white, red, blue, pink and green). The Loop iPod Nano watch conversion definitely gets a strong recommendation from us.