Idiom+ MySaver Pro Robust Apple Sync & Charge Cable Review

What's a MySaver Pro you ask? Well as the title suggests, put simply this is a more robust Apple Dock Connector to USB charge and sync cable for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. What started as a Kickstarter project, Idiom+'s MySaver concept quickly grew into reality and is now a products that's all grown up and ready to be put to the test. The MySaver has one simple purpose to fulfill and that is to stop those nasty fraying from every happening to your cables. If you're known to put your iDevice cable thru some terrible and enduring stress, the MySaver may just save you from spending more money or worse, setting your home on fire. The full review awaits you after the break!

Our friends over at BiteMyApple were kind enough to send us this strange looking cable thing a majig. If you aren't familiar with them yet, they're the first and only place for all things Kickstarter. Moving right along - the MySaver Pro will cost you $24.99, while Apple's Dock Connector to USB cable costs $19. So we can all agree that the MySaver better be worth the price right? You're paying for an OEM quality cable with aluminum and silicone parts which I wouldn't mind saying do look quite good, but even more interesting. The MySaver is available in grey, green, blue, orange and pink. All of which were meant to perfectly compliment your iPad 2 using a Smart Cover

If you and white cables don't get along very well, then the MySaver is the perfect solution to your problem. Because at the end of the day, you most likely hate looking at your cable with all of its guts showing. But we're not judging since some of Apple's cables did in fact have some of their own faults for this fraying conundrum in recent years. If you just got yourself an iPhone 4S, chances are you noticed that Apple did something to fix the problem by extending the connection stem of all of its iconic white cables for a more sturdy, tough connection. But what if you still have a few older revisions of the Apple Dock Connector to USB cable? Then there's the cheaper MySaver DIY kit which is an add-on attachment you can add to your connectors to beef them up a more yourself. However, before you jump on the idea there are some serious faults with using the MySaver.

The idea that Idom+ had with the MySaver was brilliant. The concept has a lot of potential but I can't say that what we've got at the moment is worth purchasing really. Instead of creating an entirely new charge and sync cable, Idiom+ devices that by building an attachment on top of a ready cable was the right thing to do when in fact it turns out that it is a pretty bad idea in practice. While I can see how the MySaver may add a level of robustness with tougher connection points for better cable bending power, the design has one big flaw. It's extremely bulky. And not to mention the silicone bottom which acts as the part that in theory should eliminate the cable fraying by reducing the strain on the connection, can easily detach due to its flexible interlocking design.

Pull too hard and the entire concept of the MySaver goes up in smoke and you'll find yourself back at square one, as you can see above. If only the MySaver Pro had a permanent silicone infused together with the cable, then we wouldn't have these issues and the thought of a more substantial sync and charge cable would actually be true.

But nothing is more frustrating then finding out that you won't be able to use a case with your iDevice let along use another one of your USB ports on your computer because of how poorly the MySaver is designed. The connectors are just too overweight and in desperate need of a reality check. Cases with the most generous of cutouts won't be able to fit the MySaver cable. Unbelievably, Idiom+ hasn't thought about anything other than trying to fix a strength issue while compromising just about everything else for it. The USB connector plug was bulked up even more because a cable attachment that was added that can cling onto a wire for a useless cable management sort of thing.

What if you don't use a case with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Then you will quickly find out that you'd be losing a USB port or not being able to plug in your iDevice at all because one of your ports are already taken and can't fit that bulky MySaver plug beside it. So you're pretty much screwed unless you're not using a case and only charging using a wall adapter or a huge USB hub. No thank you.

Why was this even brought to market in such a state? Without much detail, most Kickstarters took the risk that turned out to be a big mistake. To virtually everyone, the MySaver does more bad than good. You're much better off getting yourself a new cable from Apple at $19, or settle for a third party cable that has tougher connections without the bulk. Idiom+ had a good idea going on with the MySaver, but sadly it was poorly executed.