Spigen SGP Valentinus Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 4S Review

So you're running late for work and you finally make it to the office just on time. But you realize you forgot your phone? Yes, we have all been there. How about going into the store, getting to the cashier and reaching for your wallet that’s not there? Again, we have all been there. You might be in need of a wallet style case for your iPhone. Spigen SGP has just come out with a wallet style case called Valentinus case. It’s 100% hand made with premium genuine leather so it looks good, but does it solve the problem by combining wallet and phone together? Hit the jump and lets find out!

What you see is what you get straight out of the packaging. First impressions were that this case felt like it had high quality leather and just felt nice in the hands without even having the iPhone in it. I was a little disappointed to see that Spigen SGP didn’t include one of their crystal screen protectors, but that's somewhat understandable for such a case as this. Though we highly recommend checking out Spigen SGP's Glas.t glass screen protector if you're looking for extra protection. The Valentinus wallet case comes in two quite conservative leather colors, black and brown. The brown leather looks amazing in person and has a nice professional look to it. The wallet side of the case includes two slots for cards. I used the slots for my license and debit card. It also has a nice slot by the microfiber lining to hold money. Since I don’t carry cash, I used it for my business cards. The cards slip in nicely and didn’t take much effort at all. Overall, the Valentinus is very well constructed with quality stitching all the way around.

The phone side of the case has one of Spigen SGP’s Ultra Thin Air snap on style cases hot glued to the microfiber lining. The phone snaps in perfectly without any problems, plus there were no signs of creaking anywhere around the case. The cutout for the camera hole is lined up perfectly. Most wallet style cases don’t include this cutout such as the reputable BookBook leather wallet case made by Twelve South, so I was quite impressed with the effort from Spigen SGP. The recessed volume buttons are a treat to use. I can’t praise them enough. A side note, I recommend the Ultra Thin Air snap case for anyone looking for that style of case. 

Back to our regularly scheduled review. As you can see with the phone and cards in the case, it looks stunning. I felt pretty comfortable using this case all around town and on my last business trip. My girlfriend liked it so much that I was forced to let her use it as well. The case will work with the iPhone 4 as well because the mute switch area is cut to work with all GSM and CDMA iPhones. Like all snap style cases, the top and bottom of the phone is left exposed. Most might like this so you can use third party headphones and car chargers. I found myself using the case in landscape a lot because it felt awkward using this kind of case. The case closes with a button flap, which was better than using Velcro that would wear after tons of usage.

With the cards and phone inside the case, it still felt pretty slim to leave inside a coat pocket or jeans pocket. It might look bulky, but it’s truly not. Most of these wallet style cases just looked rushed or made with poor quality, but this had a clean, fresh look. Not much branding on the case either. There is some embossing on the front and back, but not very noticeable. 

After a few weeks of usage, I really didn’t find anything wrong with the case itself. To recap, it’s made with quality leather and solid build with perfect cutouts all around, and it didn’t feel bulky at all. However, it does come with a hefty price tag of $54.99. They say you get what you pay for though and the Valentinus delivers on the front, so we wouldn’t mind recommending it for that person looking for a solid leather wallet style case. 

Check out Spigen.com for more info.