Incase Box Case for iPhone 4S Review

Following up on our recent review on a few unique cases, we're going to be taking a look at yet another bizarre protective case, this time it comes to us from Incase. Incase has broken the traditional case design we've come to expect with its latest case, the Box Case. If you take a look at each and every one of Incase's iPhone cases you'll notice a trend of very refined, clean cut cases that virtually everyone wouldn't mind using on the daily. The Box Case takes on a different approach to today's well rounded iPhone cases with a block design. So, how great is it holding a brickphone? We tell you after the cut! 

Incase's Box Case managed to capture my inner geek with only a simple, block design. From the moment I discovered it, I knew I had to have it. There's nothing better than finally being able to drastically change the way your iPhone looks and feels using a case. Other than moving up the iPhone generation.

As for what's included inside the box, you get nothing but the case itself when you purchase Incase's Box Case at $29.95. A well kept tradition that we've come to expect out of this well respected brand. But don't get discouraged, if you don't have a screen protector on at the moment, get one that counts. You can find the Box Case in pink, gray, black as well is in this frost color we have here.

There's not much to the Box Case to be honest. No frills and no layers on top of layers of protection to be found. It's dumb simple even with its unique boxy shape. The Box Case takes on its name from well, having a box shaped body and squared corners. The end result is a case that completely changes the familiar rounded shape of the iPhone creating more interest and a unique feel.

It's no coincidence why we photographed the Box Case magically tipping on its pointy corner. In fact, that's the Box Case's best feature. The extra thick corners act as a reinforced layer of shock-absorbing silicone which provide unprecedented drop protection should your iPhone hit the ground on one of its corners. The case itself is quite thin with a slim profile so having those extra thick corners is assuring. 

For the longest time, Incase has been making top notch silicone and hard plastic cases that perfectly complement Apple's iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. In this case, the Box Case is no different. The silicone rubber that the Box Case is made out of is flexible and feels oh so smooth, much like a silicone breast implant. This isn't your typical silicone material, Incase used the good stuff, what feels like high quality surgical grade silicone. But enough silicone talk. 

Just how practical is the Box Case's edgy shape when it comes to actually holding and using your iPhone? As you would imagine, the square corners aren't as comfortable and forgiving to the palm of your hand as a rounded corner case is. Grabbing hold of the Box Case feels strange at first. It an unfamiliar and unconventional feel in the design of smartphones and protective cases alike. With that said, I've quickly became accustomed to this new shape, and the soft and flexible silicone of the Box Case makes the squared corners feel not as bad as you would think. In addition, the Box Case offers a fair bit of traction so you won't find the need of grabbing your iPhone and chocking it tightly with your hand, reducing the pointy corners from digging into your palm.

The Box Case structural integrity is somewhat questionable. It doesn't offer the most form fitting fit mostly due to the material. The silicone is very flexible in fact, to the point where inserting the iPhone into the case is too easy. There's more flex to the Box Case than I had hoped for which results in the surrounding area that overlays and frames the iPhone's screen to easily flex outwards if lightly forced. I haven't had issues with my iPhone popping out all of the sudden when I tossed it around lightly nor did the case fall off when I pulled it out of my pocket. But I fear that with hot days, the silicone will stretch over time and become lose.

The backside of the case had been riddled with Incase's logo, hugely embossed across the entire back. Some may mind it, and most wouldn't. Myself included. Even so, the branding isn't all that noticeable and blends seamlessly with the case. The frost color, semi-transparent frosty version of the Box Case we have here doesn't do much justice to its unique square styling as you can easily see the outline of the iPhone within. It sort of looks like a frozen iPhonesicle. Despite the odd block shape of the case, it can still be docked in docks such as the Vapor Dock thanks to its slim design.

The Box Case also features a large enough cutouts for all ports, black camera ring cutout which doesn't cause flash issues as well as oversized nifty plus, minus and power symbols that serves as covered buttons that provide a familiar sense and true tactile feedback when pressed.

Overall we love using the Box Case. It's the sort of case you stick with for a long time. The Box Case is a refreshing, feel good slim case that surprisingly offers great protection for the occasional iPhone dropper at a reasonable price. If it were a bit more rigid, we would of awarded the Box Case our Editors' Choice award for being extremely awesome. Unless you hate trying new things, do yourself a favor, don't be a square and check out the Box Case.