JLab Audio J4 Earbuds Review


JLab Audio provides consumers with cutting-edge audio products with nice quality sound and a low price tag. The J4’s are there higher end quality of earbuds on their JBuds line with J3 and J2’s following behind. They are very simplistic, stylish in the variety of colors, and look industrial like. They look small, but pack a great punch in audio. They will blow any other pair of earbuds that are under $50. Check out the full review after the break.

The JLab J4's are the latest earbuds from JLab audio with superior sound quality and nice design at a nice price point. You can pick up the JLab J4 from JLab Audio directly or Amazon for $40 in Black/Red, Gun Metal, Purple, Blue/Yellow and Obsidian black which is what we will be reviewing.



Even though these have a low price point they do not feel cheap at all. The drivers are housed in extra rugged aluminum housing, with flexible exoskeleton armor on all components with tangle-free, Kevlar reinforced cable.  The headphone jack is Gold plated for premium, no-loss sound connection to your device. They are a little bit heavier earbuds but that usually means quality, and these are defiantly built well.

The J4’s come with all different sizes of tips for your earbuds, 7 in total ranging from large too small to flanged/double cup to single cup. I have always had problems with earbuds with my ears, usually I half to have two different size tips but these are very flexible and I was able to have the same size on both ears. I prefer the flanged/double cup to the single since they block out a lot of outside sound, they are not sound canceling earbuds but do cancel out a lot of sound. The flat cord is very nice and feels very high quality. It's the perfect length to have your device in your pockets and have your earbuds in when on the go. I had no problem with walking around campus and rocking out to music in my own little world. Also the tips will be color coordinated to which color earbuds you pick up (blue/yellow, yellow tips ETC).

JLab offers the J4m’s which add the 3-way button remote and mic to the J4 but did not receive those for review. I’m sure it’s just as high quality as the J4’s themselves. Along with the earbuds and 7 different tips you get a nice carrying case. The case is about the size of a cell phone with nice logo and design imprint. It’s plastic but has a carbon fiber look underneath the glossy. Plenty of room to fit your earbuds coiled up and with all the tips. The packaging I like a lot because it’s the new frustration free packaging that Amazon offers. None of that plastic crap to cut to get a pair of headphones out, just a simple cardboard box with the case on the inside housing the earbuds and tips.

The J4’s sound quality isn’t as high end as $200+ earbuds but much better than what came with your smartphone or MP3 player, also much better than any pair of Skullcandy’s on the market.  When I first got them I started listening to them instantly so I can get rid of the burn in time. At first they had problems with higher end of the spectrum but loosened up and produced nice high quality highs that other low-end headphones at this price point fail to do. There were no odd vibrations, cracks or extreme distortion on the loud end of the volume rocker.

When I first started listening to the headphones I noticed the bass, there was tons of it but perfectly balanced with the mids and highs. If you like some earbuds with some “bump” these are definitely a buy at the price point. They make great quality Electronica, dubstep, hip-hop, earbuds. I tested them throughout different genres of music, from classical to jazz and noticed the bass was a tad bit loud in other genres then dubstep or hip hop. Otherwise if you love a little bump these are great. Along with the bass you get a fulfillment of sound and not some tiny little earbuds, they fill out perfectly.

All in all if you’re looking for earbuds that are rugged, comfortable and sound good for under $100 these are a perfect pair. They might look cheap and plasticky, but are solid earbuds that will last you a while. You can pick these up from Amazon or directly from JLab audio.