Graft Concepts Leverage Bumper Case for iPhone 4 Review

Over the last year we've literally seen a ton of bumper style cases come out for the iPhone 4, and while Apple's official Bumper case set the bar high with its quality and dedicated metal buttons, there hasn't been many bumper cases that changed the way we look at them until today. Graft Concepts has designed a totally new concept for bumper cases we all come to know with what they call the Leverage. I don't think I was wowed like this before when I first set my eyes on the Leverage. Graft Concepts wanted to bring iPhone 4 users a truly unique and fresh case without compromising the already beautiful good looks of the iPhone 4 itself. As we all know, looks aren't everything. So how does the Leverage fit amongst other similar offerings? Find out after the jump!

Inspired by high-end watches, the Leverage's most prized aspect is its metal latch that unlike other cases, uses a similar closure mechanism to secure itself onto the iPhone 4. The ease of use is just as easy as trying to snap your iPhone 4 into the tight fitting Apple Bumper. Lifting up the Leverage's metal latch open separates the hard yet very durable polycarbonate frame-like construction and enables you to easily input your iPhone 4 into the case while you re-seat the metal latch onto the opposite side of the frame while pressing down on the metal latch to securely close the entire case together on your iPhone 4. The latch clicks into place and will not come undone unless you pull it open yourself.

However, there is one little issue I did find with the metal latch closure and that was that I had to push the latch downwards from the top corner a little for it to align with the two spaces that let the metal latch secure itself into. I'm not sure if this is because of the particular r unit that I received or not. The video does show that the latch is shut closed by only pressing it from the side. Other than that though, the metal latch does work perfectly. 

Graft Concepts has a video up showing exactly how to do just that, and it's extremely simple yet a very satisfying way to put on a case. Rest assured that you'll impress your buddies with this. 

But that's just it, there is no other similar cases out there like the Leverage. It's the only of its kind. And that's exactly what it has going for it. The Leverage isn't just another bumper case to add to your ever growing collection of nearly identical cases. No, the Leverage is more than that. Why? Because of innovation. Graft Concepts creating what I would consider the most intriguing bumper cases ever made. A mixture of hard polycarbonate and zinc alloy metal works hand in hand to insure flexibility, durability and the most important ingredient of all for this type of case, elegancy. If that's not what you call one fancy hybrid bumper case, all hope is lost. 

When Graft Concepts approached me with the opportunity to give the Leverage a run for its money, I couldn't be more excited to get my hands on it after checking out the Graft Concepts product page. I've never seen such a case before and I don't think you have either. The Leverage in this review is a pre-production unit that is near its finished state. I haven't found any real issues while rocking this particular case on my iPhone 4 though.

Another special feature about the Leverage is its unique way of integrating a dedicated button for the iPhone 4's sleep/wake button at the top. Instead of saving time and creating a recessed cutout, Graft Concepts have really shown the amount of dedication and attention to detail when it designed the Leverage and its awesome closure latch. I'm happy to report that the dedicated button works flawlessly and is just as tactile as if you would press the sleep/wake button itself. Other than that, there is a cutout for the side volume buttons and silent switch which are all easily accessible. It's also worth noting that the cutout for the headphone port will fit most if not all of today's 3.5mm jacks. 

The Leverage comes in two different types of finishes including a polished chrome metal latch, the one we've got for this review, as well as a matte latch version coupled with a black frame. Whether you go with the more elegant, high-end looking chrome version or with the more sporty and complimenting matte version, you're sure to get attention, and I'm not talking about your own good looks. No matter what type of finish you choose for your Leverage's beautiful closure latch, the case is coated with a rubbery matte coating that's very grippy and feels fantastic in the hand. But not only because of the matte coating, the whole refined design of the Leverage just feels right in your hand. Smooth and slim. Just the way I like it. Be aware that with any matte black finish, your oily fingerprints will be shown. I suggest you opt for the white version of the Leverage if you hate fingerprints. 

For the $59.95 you'll drop on this case, you'll be happy to know that it also comes included with a matching back plate that seamlessly integrates within the frame-like bumper design of the Leverage. It turn, you get a hybrid of a case and bumper, an all-in-one package great for any occasion. Of course if you decide to add the included back plate, you'll get more protection for the back of your iPhone 4. I really enjoyed using the Leverage both as a bumper and a fully closed-back case. So it comes down to your own preference. Though if you do decide to go bumper-style, your iPhone 4 will still be protected by the Leverage's raised edges that are just perfect to keep your front and back glass protected. Don't expect some serious drop protection though as the Leverage isn't the ideal drop and shock protective case. It is great for minor drops, bumps and scuffs.

At the end of the day, we all like different and exciting things. That's why I think the Leverage is the perfect example of that and why you should go out and purchase it. Of course, it isn't going to cater to everyone at $59.95, but if you like your quality cases with a high-end look to complement your day, the Leverage is good enough if not more. Graft Concepts has in fact created something that no other manufacturer though about, and for that I have to give it to them. At this point and time I would like to see the final production Leverage cases have a flawless improvement in the latch design before you run out and drop your $60.