Padlette V2 Grip Handle for HP TouchPad Review

Our favorite cheapo tablet gets accessorized with a useful product, finally! Padlette is here to help all of you HP TouchPad owners get a better grip of the sleek and ultra slippery TouchPad. When I say slippery, I mean the kind where you drop your soap bar in the shower every time you try to pick it up. Luckily, Padlette's stretchy silicone works with virtually any tablet that is similarly sized to the iPad. We've reviewed the Padlette for both the iPad and iPad 2 and I couldn't be any happier with the ease of use it provided me. Now we're going to take a look at the Padlette V2 and how it performs on the slightly more chubby HP TouchPad. Jump past the break for the full review!

These are exactly the same Padlettes I've used on the much thinner iPad 2 which have worked perfectly I should say. For those of you who haven't discovered this stretchy silicone bands yet, the Padlette is a silicone band that stretches from one corner of your tablet to the other in a slanted angle and adds a unique form of a grip handle which then you could use in any way you find comfortable to you. I haven't found one particular way of using the Padlette, so it's really up to your personal preference on how you go about tackling it with your hands and fingers.

Using the Padlette with the HP TouchPad is just as extremely comfortable as using it with the iPad 2. Nothing has changes in the way you would use it with the TouchPad. In fact, the rounded back side of the TouchPad makes it even more comfortable to use and slip your hand against it. I could be using the Padlette to help me get a secure grip of my TouchPad all day long if I needed to. It's a great grip handle to those of like holding their tablets in hand to surf the interwebs and play some games that don't require the use of both your hands. Portrait or landscape orientations are both possible using the Padlette's grip handle.

But of course, it just so happens that the Padlette will also partially cover up one of the TouchPad's speakers as it does while its on the iPad and iPad 2. Boy, these tablets are built almost identical to one another ey? Nevertheless though, you will hardly even notice any performance issues in the audio. Other than that, no ports or buttons are covered by the Padlette.

Might I also add that the Padlette looks equally gorgeous on the black HP TouchPad as it does on the iPad's silvery aluminum. Around the front of the device you'll notice that the Padlette adds a bit of front screen protection should you happen to lay it front side down on a table.

Personally I find the Padlette to be an amazing add-on for virtually any tablet. If you love the way your tablet feels like naked but you want a more secure way of gripping it with one hand, the Padlette will get the job done without a doubt. The Padlette is available in 8 different and vibrant colors for $19.99. You can check all of them out in our iPad 2 review of the Padlette.